Monday, February 21, 2011

Leoti's Newest Business on Main Street

The florescent sign advertising Nextech(cellphones) went up in the window in the former Marcy Shoe Shop yesterday. The building is located in the small building just to the south of the post office.

For the past month or so, people had noticed activity there but no one seemed to know what was happening. Last weekend, I saw a boy carrying out mops, cleaning supplies, etc.

Anyway, I would like to welcome the new business to Leoti!!!

I have seen a lady of Leoti working in the former DeLissa Law Office on Broadway. Already, she has managed to make the building's front windows look very attractive by adding large vases of flowers to them. I THINK that I might know what business is going in there but at this time, I will not mention it here until I know for sure what is happening there.


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