Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beautiful Day!!!

Earlier this week, we had a winter storm that produced several inches of snow in our area. Yesterday, the temperature got up into the upper 50s. Right now at approximately 4:00, it is a balmy 73 degrees outside. Just beautiful!!!

Abigayle was invited to a birthday party at the golf course today. Most of the snow and ice are completely gone downtown except for where it was piled up during the clean-up. The gutters are full of much-needed water. We should all be thankful for that!!! Here at home, there is still quite a bit of snow left. As it melts, it will just give our yard a good drink which it really needs.

I am really happy that the City of Leoti Employees took time out to move all of the snow out of the middle of Main and Broadway last week! Because of that, there was no excess snow left there to melt and then freeze up during the night.

The streets that I drove on were in great shape also. Even the dirt roads were much better than they normally would have been after a heavy snowfall.

Again, I thank God for each and every drop and flake of moisture that He sent to us...


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