Saturday, February 19, 2011

WCHS Basketball Teams

If you have not made it out to watch our current basketball teams in motion, you ought to. They are doing an outstanding job of representing our school!

We had not gone to any of their games until last night. The only reason that we were there then was because our daughter, Leighlyn, was being recognized for her scholastic acheivment in Reading. We did not leave right after the awards had been given to the proper students. We stayed and watched the games. I sooo enjoyed them! We have great kids giving superb performances. It is quite disappointing that Trae Bremor is unable to play this year because of injuries. He has always been a true fan favorite and such a wonderful guy. Many of us are disappointed that he cannot be out there on the floor too!

Next week's ballgames will be in Leoti against Syracuse on Tuesday and at Elkhart starting at 5:00 cst on Friday.

Way to go, Indians! We're proud of you!!!


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