Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

We were all ill over the weekend and never were able to make it anywhere to purchase gifts for V.D. Thank goodness for Mama!!! She saved the day yesterday when she delivered sweet goodies to our family!!! We got everything from chocolate covered marshmallow hearts to Stan's black licorice! The girls got a couple of cute teddy bears also! We are so blessed to have Mama (Nonny) in our lives! You just can't beat her!!!

All of my life, Mama has given great gifts to us and Daddy always left it up to her to do that as he didn't enjoy shopping that much. Except for one year when I was still in grade school. I'll never forget it. I suppose that that is because he found and purchased it all by himself.

Anyway, Peppers Grocery Store was still open. (It was located on the corner just to the south of Associated Services Insurance Office.) Today, it is just an empty lot. Anyway, Daddy came home that evening with a newfangled Polaroid Camera that he had bought at Peppers. We were all thrilled with it!!! It was the first camera that spit the developed picture out of it. Awesome back then.

Thank you, Mama!!! I hope that all of you felt special yesterday!!!


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