Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wichita County High School Boys Basketball Game

Last night was an absolute heartbreaker. The Syracuse Bulldogs bit the Leoti Indians' rearends. Our boys gave it their all and it showed. They lost their game by just 8 points. The final score was 57-49. Had Trae Bremer been able to play, I am sure that Leoti would have provided Syracuse with their second loss of the season. Our boys played an excellent game but Syracuse' team is just totally exceptional. In the entire basketball season, they have only lost one game.

Don't miss their game next week in sub-state. They will be playing at 7:00 on Monday, February 28th, in Leoti.

Our very capable players include:

Bryce Nickelson
Casey Day
Jantz Budde
Blake Nickelson
Chris Kreutzer
Gabe Martinez
Alberto Gallegos
Alec Horton
Drew Smith
Tyler Kiser
Neil Fletcher
Trae Bremer

Junior Varsity Team Members areasey DaAustin Hernandez
Lane Ridder
Joshua Mehl
Jordan Fisher
Tyler Kiser
Chris Wilson
Brock Sheppard

Head coach is Matt Crist. Assistant coach is Jared Bauck.


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