Friday, February 11, 2011

Harvest of Pennies???


Abigayle received an invitation to a friend's birthday party yesterday. In the invitation, instructions were listed NOT to bring any gifts to the party except for pennies. I think that this is one of the grandest ideas that I have heard in YEARS! The kids who were invited were requested to bring in however many pennies that they wanted. All of the pennies will be accumalated, converted into cash and given to a charity of some sort. In this case, the money will be given to the Wichita County Food Bank. Isn't that just great???

There were approximately 50 kids invited to the party. Fifty kids could definitely bring in A LOT of pennies that could be used to go a long way in providing food for the less fortunate...

From now on, that is what we will be doing for our daughters' friend birthday parties. Today, so many kids and adults alike have far too much "stuff" just lying around doing nothing but cluttering our rooms. Now, the money can be used for someone who needs it much more.

Great idea, T and S!!!


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