Thursday, December 31, 2009

Its time now.

I've never made my mental illness, Bi-Polar Disorder formerly known as Manic Depression, a secret from anyone. B-PD is just as much of an unpreventable and UNSHAMEFUL disease as cancer, heart disease, etc. No, I am not ashamed of it. It is part of my life and always will be. I take medications to help "even myself out" and I also have to curb "my behavior" at times. This is one of those times now.

Christmas is ALWAYS a major time for depression to crop up for MANY people not just those who have been diagnosed with a mental disturbance. Little by little, I have felt the symptoms creeping up on me. I've done all that I could do to try to keep these buggers at bay. One problem that I will share is that over the past few months, I had noticed that a considerable amount of people were reading my blog. I have a counter that tells me how many people have gone to my blog during a certain time period. Oh, how I loved seeing the counter go higher and higher... Now, that counter is hardly moving at all. Of course, that means that very few people are interested in anything that I have to write. That has come as a HUGE blow to me! I really felt as if I "connected" with alot of people out there. I TRULY believed that what I was writing actually impacted others in a positive way.

Now, that fewer people seem to care about my writings, I feel dejected and less appreciated. Who wants those feelings??? Not me! Plain and simple, I cannot handle the sadness that goes with all of that. of tonight, December 31st, 2009, I am officially CLOSED as far as my blog is concerned.

I am planning on taking some college courses in writing. I still need to have some outlets for what I feel inside and believe in.

During my "tenure" with my blog, I have inadvertenly angered some people who did not care for what I wrote or for my subject matter. I swear to you all that I NEVER meant to hurt anyone!!! I have been criticized over and over by people whom I love with all of my heart. The time has come that I break out of this so that no one feels any pain from my writings.

I MUST mention that all of you who left statements about my blog on my blog or email, called me, stopped me downtown, etc., REALLY MADE ME HAPPY!!! For awhile, I honestly felt that I was providing a worthwhile service to my family, neighbors, people who used to live here, people whom I have never met... But then, when your toes actually touch the ground below you, feelings of emptiness take over.

I wish each and every one of you a blessed and marvelous 2010!!!

May God Bless you.

Please remember to do all of those little things to make someone else's life not only bearable but happy.

I'm signing out for the last time...


Thank you!!!

As you know, I asked for 2 things during Thanksgiving. I asked for names of families who would be struggling financially during Christmas. Number 2, I asked for any volunteers who would be able to help us provide a better Christmas for them. All in all, we ended up helping 6 families in the Leoti and Scott City area. (The Scott City family had major ties to Leotians.)

I have already thanked the people who have helped IMMENSELY to make all of their families' Christmases, happy ones! We NEVER could have done it without those several people!!! Those people furnished cash, toys, clothes, food, etc.

Today, two HUGE boxes were delivered to our home via FED EX. I had already been expecting them since just before Christmas. I felt so sorry for the F.E. delivery lady! She was short in stature and had to carry them to our front door! If we would have known that she was here, we would have gladly helped get the boxes into our home!

Inside the boxes were a mix of sacks with brand-new clothes for three area children and a bunch of other clothes that had just BARELY been used. Our daughters and I then delivered the boxes to the intended family. Even though we did not have time to stand around as the kids jumped into their new outfits, we could tell that the kids were only TOO THRILLED to have received them!

This year, finances are pretty tough on alot of people. It was just sooo joyous to see people come together and give whatever they could for total strangers! (I say strangers because I refused to divulge the names of the families needing some help.) People from Wichita County, Grant County, California and Italy made Christmas dreams come true for a bunch of local kids! We signed the Christmas gifts "From a Few of Santa's Elves." Even though, I know who the elves were, I have not shared the names with anyone as some of you asked me to keep your identity confidential. I will keep this private but just know that I will NEVER forget what each of you did for these deserving children! Oh and by the way, did I mention that I love each and every one of you??? In case I didn't, I do!!! LOL!!!

New Year's Eve is once again upon us. Many of us make promises to ourselves that we will be better people in the coming year. As far as you who donated your love are concerned, I don't think that you can be any better people than you already are!

Happy 2010, one and all!!!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

JAY LENO, here we come!!!

Well, after all of the years that people have grabbed our local newspaper, bought a cup of coffee and then took their seats in our convenience stores to browse the paper for errors with the other people doing the same thing, I finally found one article that I just found to be too irresistable to not send on to THE JAY LENO SHOW! I've actually sent it in to his website. Now...we'll see if he finds the article to be as entertaining as I do!



Monday, December 28, 2009

Local Flower Shop

Over and over, I have told you that Leoti is very fortunate to have such a classy flower shop in town. They have first-class flowers, plants and other gifts at extremely fair prices. They are only too happy to deliver their merchandise wherever it needs to go. They now have a website that I would like to share with you: . If you ever want to send a gift from their store to someone else here, please call them at 620-375-2172. They accept cash/checks/VISA/MASTERCARD. We strongly recommend them!


Top 3 chosen...

I would personally like to thank EVERYONE who spent all of the hours that it took to decorate their homes and yards, etc. for Christmas! Our family enjoyed driving through town and looking at all of the festive homes!

Kyle and Heather Leimkuhler, 901 N. Third Street, took First Place! Ron Gilkeson's home at 201 N. 5th Street was awarded with second place award. Third place honors went to Ellis and Janice Rewerts. Their address is 211 S. Wyoming Street.


$1,000.00 Reward

A $1,000.00 reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or people who stole hogs from the Huff and Puff Hog Facility just north of Lakin. Your name and other personal information will remain private. If you know ANYTHING, please call the Kearney County Sheriff's office at 620-355-6211.


Incontinence, hmmm...

With Christmas and everything that goes along with it, I have gotten behind on my reading of local newspapers, etc. Tonight, I finally sat down to get caught up on one. I got quite a kick out of one particular article! A fine gentleman had donated some money to a nursing home. The picture of him and two of the head employees in a certain department was on display. The same picture had been printed in the same newspaper the week earlier. Unfortunately, the job and title of one of the employees had not been mentioned in the earlier article. The newpaper reprinted it so that the employees' job and title was recognized. Along with the job and title came an apology. Are you ready for this one??? Okay, here it goes, word for word, as it appeared in the newspaper: "This is a correction from last week. We did not state what ------ job and title was, we are sorry if this caused any incontinence."

Just in case you are infamiliar with the definition of incontinence, I have taken time out to get Webster's definition for you.

Incontinence: The inability to restrain natural discharges or evacuations of urine or feces. In layman's terms, this means that the person can not control his/her urination or defecation.

I have to think that more than a few people out there who read this article may have had their own problem with incontinence when they read about it! I wonder if anyone has sent the article into THE JAY LENO SHOW. He'd have a ball with this one! LOL!!!


Cookie Time!!!

Just wanted you to know that the annual Girl Scout Cookie Sale is about to get under away! Profits go to help Girl Scouts stay afloat for the following year with such things as paying for the Girl Scouts to go to various camps throughout Kansas. If you're interested in purchasing the yummy cookies, contact a local Girl Scout if they don't make it to you. Our daughters, Leighlyn and Abigayle, are Girl Scouts. They'd love to bring the cookie brochure to you!!! Please call them at the following numbers:


Thank you!!!



Leoti's Prairie Flower Quilt Company in Leoti is celebrating their first birthday bash already! It will be begin on Monday, December 28th, with a sale! Their classroom area will be filled with many bolts of fabric priced at only $5.99 a yard and some are on sale for only $3.99 a yard! There will also be selected kits, charm packs, layer cakes and jelly rolls for 30% off. A group of fat quarters will be $1.75. This sale will last ALL month long!

There will be an actual birthday party on Friday, January 1st from 1-5:00. You can choose a balloon, pop it and inside there will be a ticket that will tell you what percentage you can take off of your purchase from the regular priced fabric, notions and patterns. Expect other surprises also!

Other special birthday events include a Kansas Troubles Trunk Show with Lynne Hagmeier on Friday, January 22nd, at 7:00 cst, at the Senior Citizens Center. Each person will pay $5.00. A Raw Edge Applique Workshop with Lynne Hagmeier will take place on Saturday, January 23rd, at 10:00 a.m. cst. The workshop will cost $20.00 and the kit will cost $15.00 per person.

The girls at Prairie Flower want to thank everyone out there who have helped make this first year into such a success! They are also looking forward to lots of quilting fun with everyone in 2010!!!

Please call them at 620-375-2044 if you have any questions. They are located at 102 South Indian Road which is located in the strip mall just south of the high school.

Happy Birthday, P.F.Q.C.!!!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Elder Christmas

People in Wichita County had a beautiful white Christmas Eve and Christmas! For awhile on Christmas Day, heavy snow appeared along with alot of wind which blew it around. The little storm did not last long and no roads had to be closed.

Our family invited our grandmother, Neva Elder-Kiefer-Duncan, my mother, Donna Lou Pepper-Elder, my sister, Lori Christensen, Leif and Lars to our home to celebrate. Our sister, Lona Sue and her son, Hunter Carson, were unable to be here until Christmas Day. Our son, Adam, and his wife, Mel, were also unable to be here because of work obligations.

We enjoyed Stan's own creation, Tenderloin Stew, and a pot of potato-onion soup. For dessert, we enjoyed homemade cookies that my mom and the girls had baked a couple of days earlier. Gifts were opened later. Everyone had a grand time. Getting to our house that evening was anything but comfortable. The temperature was 10 degrees and with the wind was even colder.

On Christmas Day, all of the above people plus Lona Sue and Hunter were at Leif and Lori's house. Leif and Lori prepared Leif's famous beef brisket complete with their horseradish and cream cheese sauce. Yummy! All of us prepared and ate way too much food! The lunch was completed by a homemade chocolate sheet cake and a family favorite that Leif brought into our family from Denmark, his home country. It is called Res Alamond which is actually a very fancy and rich rice pudding with ONE blanched almond inside. The pudding is topped with warm cherry sauce. No, the almond does not provide any flavor to the dessert. Leif explained to us on Christmas Day that the Danish added the almond years ago to encourage eaters to eat the dessert even though their tummies were full. Whoever finds the almond in their food, is to show it to the rest of the family. That person receives a special gift. This year, Leighlyn found the almond and won a gift certificate to Wendy's. If any of you are interested in the recipe, please let me know.

After eating lunch, we all retired to the living room to open gifts. Hard to believe that it took us almost 3 hours to open them! No, that doesn't mean that we had hoards of gifts but we definitely had plenty! It took us so long because after all of the gifts were seperated and delivered to each recipient, everyone watched each person open his/her gifts. We started by letting the youngest person open their gifts and eventually made it to the oldest person's opening. This was a tradition that my beloved grandmother, Vera Stichcomb-Pepper-Hatton, started in our family many years ago.

We received absolutely no disappointing gifts. Everything that we received was much appreciated! Stan and I were married in 1981. Shortly there after, we bought an electric crepe machine. We loved it and used it OFTEN until it died which was somewhere in the later 80s. Since then, we have looked and looked but have not been able to find one. On Wednesday, I went to the hardware store to see if they could order one for us. They were unable to find one in their books either. On Christmas Day, we unwrapped our gift from Leif and Lori and found a WONDERFUL crepe machine!!! This one will last for many years as it is not electric! We're going to break it in TODAY! If you're interested in purchasing one, Lori found it on EBAY.

After the opening of gifts, Stan took out our new Wheel of Fortune TV edition game. He plugged it into their TV. For the next few hours, the family gathered around and solved one word puzzle after another.It was soooo much fun! The game does not come with Pat Sajak or Vanna White, but other than that, it is just like what we see on TV right down to the super shiny floor underneath the puzzle screen!

We all commented that this was the best Christmas ever since we lost Daddy and my grandparents, Don and Vera Pepper.

My mother started a new tradition in our family this year! She had the patriarch, Stan, read the Christmas Story to everyone on Christmas Eve. Everyone so enjoyed it!

We hope that you had a memorable Christmas also and we wish you a very happy new year filled with great love and happiness! Many people around the world choose to come up with resolutions for changes in their lives. I hope that we all agree to resolve to be better people and to treat each other better than ever!


Update on courthouse shootings

The windows that were shot at the Wichita County Courthouse have now been repaired or replaced. To my knowledge, no suspects have been arrested. If you have ANY information on these senseless and scary shootings, please contact officers at the Wichita County Sheriff's Department. Their phone number is 620-375-2723.

Thank you!


Truck accident south of Leoti

I keep forgetting to post this even though several people have asked me for details!!! Sorry about that!

On Monday or Tuesday, a contract driver who hauls pigs for Seaboard, somehow lost control of his semi while making a turn onto the highway south of Leoti. His truck cab remained upright but the trailer with a bunch of hogs, landed on it's side. The accident caused traffic to make detours of the highway for several hours. The driver was uninjured but because of the accident, all of the pigs had to be euthanized.

During the past year, people in our area have noticed that there are now trucks hauling Seabord trailers that are not white like what we normally associate with Seaboard Foods. The owners of those trucks are not Seaboard employees. They are called contract drivers which means that they are independant business owners who help Seaboard Foods deliver feed and pigs in times when the Seaboard employees have too much to haul at points in time. Not to worry, Seaboard continues to hire their own drivers and have NO intentions of letting their employees go in favor of everything being hauled by contract drivers. I have heard rumors to that effect. Those rumors are TOTALLY FALSE!


Casino in Dodge City

Earlier, I reported that the first and only casino in Western Kansas has opened it's doors in Dodge City. Though I have not had any dealings with this casino, I have visited with others who have. They have told me that the building is gorgeous and that people are literally, standing for hours to get into the doors. One such person said that he waited for over 2 hours before there was ample room in the casino for him to get in. I've also been told that if you want to know when the best time is to get into the casino, is to go on weekday afternoons. Even then, there are ample gamblers.

We drove to Garden City last night which is just an hour from Dodge City. For the first time, we saw the billboard advertising the casino. It was kinda kool! Speaking of billboards, very few still exist in Western Kansas. I do not know the answer to why that is so. But, it's been really neat to see several pop up just to the north of Garden City in the past year!

At this time, costruction has begun on the motel that will be just across the parking lot from the casino.


Walton Alex Murphy--Scott City

Walton Alex Murphy--7 1/2 months old--was born on May 1st, 2009 and passed away on December 24th, 2009 at the Scott County Hospital.

He is survived by his parents, Randy and Julia Domon Murphy of Scott City, 1 sister Annabell Murphy. His grandparents are Marlin and Carolyn Murphy of Scott City and Frank and Sheila Domon of Russell, Kansas.

His funeral services will be held at 10:30 cst on Wednesday, December 30th, at the First Baptist Church in Scott City. Interment will be at the Scott County Cemetery in Scott City.

Memorials may be given to the Walton Murphy Memorial Fund in care of Price and Sons Funeral Homes.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our "blizzard" is over.

I was so excited to hear that a blizzard was moving into the Leoti area! But, then, I thought of all of the people who would not be able to get to Grandma's house with weather like that. I then thought that it might be a better idea if a blizzard visited us when fewer people would be on the roads and highways.

We ended up with a few inches of snow and a considerable amount of wind that resulted in some drifts but this was definitely not what I consider to be a storm of blizzard proportions. I am glad that roads remained good and open in our neck of the woods so that family and friends could travel to Grandma's houses easier than what was earlier expected.


A "cute" or "not-so-cute" statement...

As I've said before, I am sick and tired of hearing and seeing all of the junk on Tiger Woods. But, I guess that some people believe that since he is a celebrity, he deserves everything that he gets because of who and what he is. I made a comment today that even though 1,293 women have come forward and claimed that they have had "relationships" with him, doesn't mean that he REALLY has had relationships with each one. To prove my point, I pointed out that it seems that there are always people in our world who will do and say what ever if it means that they will be "famous" for 5 or 10 minutes. I then went on to say that if I wanted to, I could call the news stations in Wichita and tell them that I have had a hot romance with Tiger for the past 10 years. The stations would then send out their crews to do an interview with me. Blah, blah, blah... After I made my statement, one of my dearest people whom I love immensely, fired back that as soon as the news crews actually saw me, they would know that I was lying and would go back to Wichita--empty-handed.

Hmmm, wonder what she meant by that???

Lots of laughs!!!


Don Oberheim'a Funeral Information

Mr. Oberheim's funeral will be held at 2:00 CST on MOnday, December 28th, at the First Presbyterian Church in Leoti.

He is survived by his daughters, Tania and Sherry, 1 son-in-law, Bruce Loy, and a grandson and a granddaughter.


For anyone wanting to send plants or flowers, we recommend the LadyBug Flower Shop in Leoti. Please call 620-375-2172. They accept cash, checks VISA and MASTERCARD.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Don Oberheim

News was received yesterday evening that Don passed away yesterday evening. Please keep his family in your prayers! As soon as I have funeral arrangements, I will put them on my blog.

This is the worst time of the year for loved ones to pass away.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A very kind and generous couple in Wichita County deserves a great deal of gratitude.

As you know, a man who was a loving husband and father lost his life in a vehicle accident in November. He left behind a beautiful wife and three adorable little kids who loved him with all of their hearts. There is never a "good time" to lose a loved one but to have to lose them right before Thanksgiving and Christmas is really tough.

Though the family had not lived here for even a year, many people including total strangers stepped forward to offer whatever they could to help the family mend. Today, I learned that one such couple really took on a major undertaking to help. One half of the couple works at a large business in Garden City. He let his co-workers know of the tragedy and asked for donations to help purchase Christmas gifts for the family. He didn't just stop there. He went from one local business here to another and asked for any donations to help. (I know what businesses chose to help. Most of those asked, did help. One business refused to even donate a single dollar. Why? Good question. I will NOT name that business in my blog but my family and I will probably "forget to do business with them in the future."

Anyway, that is neither here nor there. The important thing is that the couple was able to raise approximately $500.00 to buy presents for these little fellas. No, it won't bring their Daddy back but it will sure help the family get through their first Christmas without him a bit better than it would have otherwise.

I just thing that tonight, when we kneel next to our beds to talk to God that we remember to thank him for the big hearts of these total strangers who went out of their way to bring alot of sunshine to some sweet kids who really need it right now.

Thank you, ______ and ______! You're some special people in our world!


A new face.

Earlier, I answered some questions that I had received about an accident that broke out a large plate glass window and door at Northside Automotive in Leoti. Today, work began in replacing the old window and door. You really need to check it out! Dave and Jenet decided to "reposition" the new window and door. It looks so good!!!


Have you ever...?

Have you ever just met someone and immediately become the best of friends? You know how you just know right away that you can tell this person anything and EVERYTHING and never have any regrets later? Until today, that has never happened to me. Sure, I love people and love getting to know them but I am really slow about deciding whether or not I really want to let that person "in" to me, etc. I am sure that alot of that comes from being burned once or twice or... Yeah, you get the point.

Earlier today, my daughters and I rushed around doing this and that, delivering Christmas presents around town, eating lunch, etc. I still had MANY more things at home that needed some attention. I planned on giving that attention until my phone rang. Of course, I answered it. The person at the other end asked for Lynn Blau. I hesitantly told that person that I was Lynn. I sooo hoped that this was not another Kansas State Highway Patrolman calling to see if I would please donate this amount of money or that amount of money so that a deserving person from some certain category could attend the next big music event at Dodge City Days. Not that I am disgusted from being asked to help someone less fortunate than myself, but, I just have to wonder if my money REALLY goes to help that person achieve this goal or if my money just padded some big dog's pocketbook. You know what I mean?

Well, this time, it was not someone from the Kansas Highway Patrol. Instead, it was a lovely lady named Chris who had lived in Leoti many moons ago. Though I can remember EXACTLY how she looked back then, I can't ever remember speaking to her or even thinking of being her friend someday. I became "reacquainted" with her several months ago when I began writing my blog. Since then, we have sent several email back and forth to each other. (She now lives in Tuscany! Lucky her!!!) And, lucky me!!! Not too very long ago, chances would not have been good that we would have ever reconnected. Thanks to modern technology and this little thing called the world wide web, we can connect any time that we want to!!!

This special person called me to let me know that she wanted to purchase some Christmas gifts for the three teenagers whom I still needed help with. Quickly, one topic of conversation led to another and then that one led to the next...We talked for about 4 HOURS--non-stop!!! Yes, we have call waiting but even when I knew that other calls were coming in, I kept on talking and let our voice mail take messages for us to answer later. Isn't life GRAND???

Eventually, her cellphone called it quits on our conversation. I wasn't ready for it to come to an end but that is inevitable with anything that is good...

Since then, my whole day has been an intensely special one for me! I am sure that the conversation and the laughs that we shared today will always be a memory that I will never forget and that I will reflect on with great affection.

Chris, thank you so very much for becoming such a special friend to me! I'll look forward to many more conversations with you either from being face to face or typing notes to one another across the mighty ocean. For everyone else out there, I truly hope that you are also blessed with someone as perfect a friend as Chris is to me! And, PLEASE don't forget to tell your friends how much they mean to you!!! If you don't tell them now, you may never get another chance to do so. Life is short and none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.


Our sincere and heartfelt thanks...

Over the past month or so, I have all but begged for people to come forward and help me provide Christmas gifts to families who, without our help, would be having giftless Christmases. I am sooooooo very proud of those of you who have come forward and provided such wonderful gifts of love to those children! I am happy to report that I have all but finished delivering the gifts to those families. I was going to wait until tomorrow but changed my mind when the winter storm reports began pouring in. I would just hate it after all of the people have helped me get these gifts and then snow kept them from getting to the kids who so very much deserve them. I still have two more families to deliver the gifts to. I will be wrapping the last of their gifts this afternoon and get them delivered before tonight. I feel much more confident now that there will be quite a few less children in Leoti who will dread going back to school the day after Christmas vacation ends. Now, thanks to your gifts, those children will also be able to stand up in front of their classmates and show their own treasures in Show and Tell!!!

Earlier this morning, I mentioned that we still needed gifts for two additional families. One family is now taken care of. I could still use a gift or so for the family with the three teenagers. If you are willing to help me with those, please let me know.

This is what Christmas is supposed to be all about. God gave us his precious Son, Jesus. To thank Him, it is our obligation to step forward and help those others around us. One thing that I have re-learned with this whole thing in Leoti is that Leotians have big hearts and are so willing to share all that they have with others. I don't care where you live in this great nation of ours, there are people close to your own front doorstep who are in need of food, gifts for children or just pure and simple hope. If you have the resources available to help, PLEASE do!

Our love goes out to you, over and over again.



Call us at 375-4584 or 376-8922 if you want to give to the three teenagers.

God bless each and every one of you!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Update on Christmas Assistance

Just wanted all of you to know where we stand with the children whom we are trying to gather gifts for.

We have all that we need now for the family with the 8, 7 and 6-year-olds. (They are going to be incredibly happy!!!)

I think that we have just about everything that is needed for the family with the 5 and 3-year-olds and the baby. (Those little ones are going to feel unbelievably special!!!)

The family with the 3 boys and 1 little girl, should be set now.

If you have purchased gifts for any of these families, I will GLADLY accept them and pass them on to those kids in time for Christmas! Please let me know as soon as possible if you still have something to contribute to them.

We still need gifts for the three teenagers. At this time, we have nothing to give to them.

Today, I was told of another family of 4 kids who will not be getting anything. In that family, there is one boy who is 13-years-old, and 3 girls who are 8, 13 and 16.

Today is already the 21st of December. Blizzard conditions are expected to start on Wednesday. We are really feeling the crunch if those 7 children are to be helped before Christmas. IF you are able to help, PLEASE CALL ME RIGHT AWAY at 375-4584 or 376-8922. As I've told you before, I literally HATE the first day of school after Christmas Vacation. Many children received plenty of toys, clothes, etc. The ones who I feel so sorry for are the ones who have to sit in their desks and watch Show and Tell while the other kids show their new toys, etc. It's just not fair for them not to have their own treasure to show off.

For those of you who have opened your hearts AND your pocketbooks, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! You are angels and God will definitely reward you! I only wish that I could reward you as much as you deserve!!!!!!!!




To prepare this dough, you will need a very large sized bowl such as Tupperware's Bread Bowl or a bowl that is the same sized as a dishpan. This makes a very large batch of cookies. You can either cut the recipe in half or freeze the extras for another day when you want something sweet but don't have time to stir up more cookie dough!

2 cups brown sugar

2 cups sugar

4 eggs

1 pound butter or margarine (4 sticks)

2 teaspoons vanilla

3 1/2 cups flour

4 cups UNCOOKED oatmeal

2 teaspoons baking soda

1 level teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 cup chopped nuts (optional)

1 cup coconut (optional)

12 ounces milk chocolate chips

4 cups cornflakes (measure out the 4 cups and then crush.)

4 teaspoons cinnamon

Cream butter and sugars. Add eggs and vanilla; stir. Add flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt--stir well. Add remaining ingredients. Drop by teaspoonfulls on ungreased cookie sheets. (We lay sheets of parchment paper on our cookie sheets. It can be bought in grocery stores, Dollar General, etc. When you're finished baking cookies, your cookie sheets will still be clean!) Bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes. Allow cookies to remain on cookie sheets for another 2 minutes before taking them off of the sheets. (That allows them to firm up just abit more.)

These cookies are very moist and delicious! Because of all of the grains in these cookies, they can actually be eaten for breakfast! This recipe makes about 8-10 dozen cookies depending on the amount of dough you use in every cookie.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Indian fried bread

2 cups flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup warm water
1/2 cup milk

In small mixing bowl, combine flour, baking powder and salt. Gradually stir in water and milk until you have a soft dough. Let dough mixture rest for 1 hour.

Knead dough lightly for several minutes. Roll out on floured surface. Dough should be 1/2 inch thick. Cut into triangles. Fry each triangle in deep fat on each side for two minutes or until brown.

Serve with Mexican food, beef stew or homemade soup!


Authentic tacos

This recipe does NOT call for envelopes of taco seasoning. These are MUCH better than that!!! I buy all of these spices with the exception of cumin at Dollar General. Each container costs a whopping 50 cents. Unfortunately, they do not sell cumin so you'll have to purchase it at the grocery store.

2 pounds of hamburger
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons of chili powder
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon cumin
2 tablespoons of paprika (optional)
taco shells or corn or flour tortillas, heated up
shredded lettuce
chopped tomatoes
shredded cheddar cheese
taco sauce (optional)

Crumble hamburger into skillet and begin browning process. Add all spices. Stir well. Continue cooking until all meat is browned. Warm shells or tortillas. Spoon meat into shell or tortilla. Top with shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes and cheddar cheese. Add sauce if interested.

We have Mexican-American friends who never ate the authentic recipe. Even in Mexico, their families used the seasoning envelopes. Not anymore! Once they tried our recipe, they were hooked!



Bean and cheese dip

16 ozs. can of refried beans
4 ozs. Velveeta Cheese
1/4 cup salsa
tortilla chips of your choice

Place beans into a small saucepan. Cut cheese into cubes and mix into beans. Add salsa. Mix well. Heat over low heat until just heated through and cheese begins to melt. Serve immediately with tortilla chips as an appetizer or as part of the meal.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Want to send loved ones in the Leoti area a nice plant or flowers for Christmas???

Some of you who read my blog on a regular basis live in Wisconsin, California, Canada, Arizona, Italy, etc. A few of you have loved ones here in Leoti. I just want to remind you that we have an outstanding flower and gift shop here now. It specializes in beautiful fresh flowers, plants--green and flowering, and other gift items. People are amazed at the low prices that they charge! You can call the Ladybug Flower Shop at 620-375-2172. They accept cash, checks, Mastercard and Visa. They are usually closed on Sundays. They are only too happy to deliver your order directly to the home of your loved ones!

Merry Christmas!!!


Blaus to Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

Charles and Joyce (Wonsetler) Blau of Marienthal were married on December 29th, 1959 in Leoti.

Both were born and raised in Wichita County. Charles or Charlie or Chuck, depending on where you know him from, has farmed in Wichita and Logan Counties all of his life.

Joyce drove a school bus for 40 years.

They have four children, Charla and Ronald Dunn of El Dorado, Ks., Steven and Lisa (Dye) of Wichita, Cynthia and Mike Mills of Iliff, Colorado and Trisha Blau of Fayetteville, Arkansas. They also have 6 granddaughters and 1 grandson who is on the way.

They request NO gifts but would certainly welcome your cards and well wishes! Please send your cards to them at the following address:

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Blau
540 E. County Road H 1/2
Marienthal, Kansas


Dyes to celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

Jimmie and Patricia Dye of Leoti will celebrate their 50th on January 1st, 2010.

They have one son, Jeffrey, and one daughter, Lisa, and husband, Steven, and two granddaughters.

They were married in Alva, Oklahoma. They later took teaching positions in Liberal before moving to Leoti in 1969. Jimmie taught for 31 years in Leoti before he retired. Patricia taught for 23 years in Leoti.

Their children are planning a reception to celebrate at a later date.

Please send your cards to them at the following address:

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Dye
P.O. Box 76
Leoti, Kansas



A family is asking for people to keep an eye out for a much-loved, blue MINATURE greyhound in Leoti. Minature greyhounds look exactly like regular-sized racing greyhounds except for the fact that they are much smaller. This one was last seen on Thursday evening in their yard which is located in the northeastern corner of Leoti. She answers to the name of Molly. If you think that you may know where she is, please call 375-5674.

A reward is being offered for her safe return.

Thank you!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just a reminder...

Christmas is a week away now. I want to remind you out there of the two families in Leoti who are facing giftless Christmases this year. I am going to TRY to have the gifts gathered at our house this weekend so that I can deliver them to the parents at the beginning of next week.

If you are able to donate gifts, food or money, please call me at the following phone numbers:

620-375-4584 or 620-376-8922.

I am more than happy to stop by at your home or business to pick these items up or you can bring then to my house which is located at 703 North Second Street in Leoti.

If you have any questions/comments please give me a call.

Thank you!!!



Leoti has had more than our fair share of excellent band and music teachers. The current choir teachers are Jayme Brown-Bishop and Tori Flaherty-Koehn. Allen Brockmeier is the band director. Mrs. Bishop teaches vocal music to Kindergartners through 6th graders. Mrs. Koehn teaches the rest of the students from 7th grade on up. All three teachers are simply superb and give their all in providing the best vocal and instrumental music around!

When our son was still in grade school, the kindergartners through second graders were always adorable to look at but most of us could never understand what they were singing. That is not the case here anymore. It was remarkable tonight how each and every class sang their songs so that each and every word was easily understandable! That doesn't happen accidentally. Extremely talented music teachers make it happen through their teaching.

Mrs. Bishop has started a tradition here with her Christmas programs. Instead of the audience just hearing one song after another, she actually has the kids perform a musical. The kids enjoy it just as much as the adults do! Even though the high school auditorium is always full, most of the children who have solo speaking or singing parts, do great in front of the large number of people in the audience. The grade school students adore Mrs. Bishop! I often hear them speak of her very kind and sweet personality. She really has a way with the kids!

I probably shouldn't single out just one music student but I just cannot help myself!!! People search through the students to find Lane Wells! What a ham he is!!! Even when he is not trying to make people laugh, people laugh almost hysterially at his antics and adorable personality. Mrs. Bishop knows what she is doing when she places him in the center of the stage. Lane's parents are Jason and Gwen Wells. His grandparents are Ann Wiles and the late Bob Wiles and Steve and Jeanie Wells. Keep it up, Lane! We all enjoy you so very much!!!

What can I say about Mr. Brockmeier? The better question is "where do I start?" He moved to Leoti a few years back and went right to work on kids who wanted to learn to play instruments. Many of his students go on to receive top-notch ratings at regionals and state festivals. Some are so good that they receive college scholarships! Before you can go to college on a trumpet scholarship, you must first learn the fundamentals which most learn from the 5th grade in Leoti.

Tonight, as we "critiqued" the band and choir from our front row seats, we mused at just how professional his 5th and 6th graders sound and look already! The kids love him and it shows that he loves them just as much.

Mrs. Bishop and Mr. Brockmeier are both very popular with their students. Because of how much the kids love and respect their teachers, they put forth their best foot possible to please the teachers.

I must admit that I was saddened tonight when the 6th graders took their places on the stage for band. Back in the days when I was in school (just before sunshine had been invented), we had many students involved in the band program. I graduated in 1980. Back then, there were 12-15 people playing clarinets, 8 or 9 playing trumpets... Since then, many people from Wichita County have packed up and moved on down the road. Even though our population appears to be growing again, there is a small amount of students involved in the grade school band program. As with any band just getting started, it is only to be expected that an occassional squeak of a clarinet will be heard. I am sooo grateful that when I was in band back in the dark ages that there were so many clarinet players. That way when a clarinet squeaked or squaked, it was more difficult to determine who did it. (It was usually none other than ME!!) Today, with only two clarinet players, it's a bit easier to decifer "who done it." LOL!!!

One of the reasons that I personally think that we have such a strong band program is because of the work that Mrs. Bishop does with her students on various musical instruments before 5th grade when students are allowed to play band instruments.

I am so proud of our music directors in Leoti! You're all very special and Wichita County is very fortunate to have each and every one of you!

If I had any complaints on the program it would be just this one itty bitty thing. Given the fact that I heard others sitting in our general location, commenting on the same thing, I know that I was far from being the only irritated person. I think that people with cameras need to either stay put at their seats or move to one side of the auditorium or the other and STAY THERE!!! It was so rude, at least as far as we were concerned, that a couple of people were constantly moving from one side of the room to the other to take pictures. The students' attention that was supposed to be focused on the instructor was being shifted to this person or that person who continuously walked between the stage and the seats. Ugh...

Anyway, our thanks go out to Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. Koehn and Mr. Brockmeier for all that you do with our children to educate them on other things than writing and arithmetic! Today with all of the economic woes and taxation problems that we face, MANY schools are choosing to drop music and art education so that their school districts can save money. I sincerely hope that that never happens in Wichita County! Every school district has students who are not as good in reading, math, etc as they would like to be. By having the avenue of being in music, band or some other art program, they are able to find another avenue where they, too, can excel.

Speaking of art, Mrs. Paul (Martha) Myers needs to be applauded for her amazing artwork that she produced for tonight's Christmas program! Many of us were talking about how darling it all was!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Non-working lights on Main Street

Some people have asked me about the lights on the block of Mel's and the Pool Hall. The lights that I am referring to are the ornamental lights that have been in place for several years. Normally, the globes are filled with clear bulbs but during the Christmas season, the clear bulbs are removed and replaced with red and green bulbs. This season, the lights are not turned on because of electrical issues. Hopefully, the problem(s) are resolved soon.

If, in the future, you are interested in knowing what is going on with this or that, please let me know and I will try to get you some answers!

Thanks for asking!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pastor Bob Everest

I ran out of time awhile ago and so I didn't have time to write this then.

If you are looking for a church home at this time, PLEASE check out Christ Covenant! We have Pastor Bob Everest as the leader. He is remarkable! Church services are held every Sunday morning at 9:30.

Bob and Angie Everest moved to Leoti 8 years ago. They moved here with one daughter. Since they moved to Leoti, identical girls and a little boy joined their family. They are great people and are very welcome here!

There are people out there who think that ministers have easy jobs. They just have to show up for work on Sundays. The rest of the week is a breeze! No, that is not quite right. Pastor Bob is SUPPOSED to get one day off every week. However, alot of times, things happen on those days off and he very dutifully and happily goes to work then also.

Pastor Bob makes it a point to go to his congregation members' homes so that he really gets to know each and every one of them individually. He has visited with us several times and each time was fantastic! Not all church ministers find this to be a necessity. Too bad.

In the past, we have had major things come up that we looked at as being emergency issues. All that we had to do was call Bob and he was at our home in the matter of a very few minutes. He talked us through the problems and helped us find peace and answers to whatever was happening at the time. This was the first time that I can remember when I actually felt comfortable enough to let someone else in.

Bob is sooo good about visiting the ill, elderly and shut-ins on a regular basis. They really enjoy and appreciate his visits!

He is available 24-hours-a-day, whenever his wisdom is necessary. I've yet to hear him complain about anything that he does each and every day. As I have pointed out, being a minister is not an easy occupation.

Bob's lovely wife, Angie, is also a jewel! She runs her own daycare business. Leoti is so lucky to have them in our church and in our community!


Just in case you missed it...

The Christ Covenant Church's youth presented a totally amazing and wonderful Christmas program on Sunday evening. It was something else!!! My mother and Grandma attended us with it. They, too, were completely impressed with it!

I've never been to a program like this. The children from preschoolers on through seniors in high school sang Christmas songs, acted out a play and various young girls, including Leighlyn and Abigayle, did a ballet dance for all. The girls who danced are also in ballet class in Leoti with Jeanette Price who is their gifted instructor. Our daughters have loved Jeanette for several years!

When our pastor's wife, Angie Everest, began putting her ideas together for the program, she thought of asking Jeanette to choreograph the dance. Jeanette was very willing to do so. For several weeks, the girls met at the church to learn their dance. Jeanette, Angie and Shayley White guided the girls through the whole thing. It was BEAUTIFUL!

Then, along came Trae Bremer, son of Mindi Bremer, and Shayley White, daughter of Jan White, who performed a duet that was, for lack of a better word, outstanding! The two are both in high school here and sing frequently both at church and in concerts, musicals, etc at the high school. Their performance should have been taped. These kids could very easily become professionals! I doubt if many dry eyes existed in church that night as they sang. To top off their musical skills, they are tremendously special people in "real life".

The whole program's theme was Jesus' birthday party. In it, Joseph and Mary return to earth one more time to see how everyone honors Jesus at his own party. They are disappointed to see that many people never even mention Jesus Christ on Christmas. We're too busy to mention Him or even to think of Him because we are caught up in buying/opening gifts, etc.

This year, challenge yourself and your family to discuss Jesus' birth during your Christmas season. Afterall, Jesus is the reason for the season!

Merry Christmas, one and all!


Kevin Larsen

Being a teen-ager has always been a tough thing because of all of the hormonal things going on inside of our bodies and anxieties about the future. Today, more than ever before, many teen-agers and younger adults are so concerned about what lies around the next corner that instead of waiting to see, they are choosing to kill themselves instead. Many of those individuals never had any faith in God, let along the future.

In the past few years, kids in Wichita County have literally been blessed with a youth minister, Kevin Larsen. He is not only a service to kids from Christ Covenant Church but to the entire community. As far as I know, he is the only youth minister ever in town. We are sooooo very fortunate that God led him to us!

Every Wednesday evening during the school year aside from school vacations, he meets with kids from 6th grade through the senior year at church on Wednesday evening. It is amazing to see just how many people show up for his message every week! Kids from Christ Covenant, Methodist, Assembly of God, Baptist and the other Presbyterian churches gather around. Parents take turns preparing meals that are served at GAP. Various people such as Chanelle Martin and Jana DeLissa join in. Alot of fun takes place at these gatherings but mostly, children are given faith to carry on throughout their lives.

Kevin is not only available to kids on Wednesday evenings--not by a long shot. He'll meet with them anytime that someone needs to talk or to listen. I love how he hands out his business cards to all who attend just so that they know how to reach him easily. Everyone knows where he lives just in case they feel the need to just drop in on him.

Kevin is not here just for the kids. He is also a pastor at our church, CCC, in association with Bob Everest. The adults love him just as much as the kids do! I tell him that even when he is 90-years-old, he will never be old and grumpy. He has such a youthful and fun personality!

Our church's Christmas program was held on Sunday evening. It was something else to witness!!! Most of the program was presented by children from pre-school age through senior high school. But, Kevin got up in front of the congregation and gave a presentation where he acted as the father who had just found out on his son's birth which was Christmas Day that his newborn son was going to have great learning difficulties. Throughout the skit, he talked of how much patience he and his wife, Martha, had had to learn in regards to raising their son but he also talked about how he lost touch with God because He had allowed his son to be born with mental challenges. He no longer went to church even though his wife and son never missed it. Then one day, his son came home totally filled with excitement because he had been chosen to have a part in the Church's Christmas program. He was to have one very important part as the innkeeper who told Joseph that there was no available room at the inn for Mary to give birth. The boy begged his father to come and watch his performance at the program so the father went. All the while that Kevin told his story, my mother and I could not keep tears from welling in our eyes as we know of a young man much like the boy in the story. Later, those tears ran out of room in our eyes and streamed down our faces when Kevin talked about how Mary, later in the play, had ad libbed more to the original play which at first, the boy did not know how to respond. The father was really concerned about how his son would react. Finally, the boy hollered out "You can have my room!" That is exactly what the young man whom we know and love would have done. In real life, he would have said and done that exact thing! From the whole experience, the father found God again.

What a tremendous story! What a tremendous young man who portrayed the father in the play!

If you happen to meet Kevin somewhere in the future, please take time out to thank him for all that he does for not only Wichita County kids but for the adults also.

Kevin has a wonderful wife, Jill, who teaches 4th grade at RBSES. They are both VERY special people! So far, they have no children but once they do, they will be great parents!

Thank you, God, for sending Kevin to us!!!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Audrey M. Storm-Cook

Audrey M. Cook was born on January 3rd, 1913 and passed away on December 12th, 2009 at the age of 96. She was a lifetime resident of Scott County and passed away at the Scott County Hospital.

Earlier in her Life, Mrs. Cook had been a bakery clerk, Sunday School teacher and a leader for the Girl Scouts.

Mrs. Cook was a member of the First Christian Church and Christian Women's Fellowship of Scott City.

Mrs. Cook married Grand D. Cook in Scott City. He passed away on December 30, 1981 in Scott City.

She is survived by one daughter, Shirley and Dixon Beeson of For Mohave, Arizona and one son, James and Debbie Cook of Taylorsville, North Carolina, 1 grandson, 3 grandddaughters, and 4 great-grandchildren.

Funeral services will be held at the Price and Sons Funeral Home in Scott City on Wednesday, December 16th, at 10:30 am.m CST. Interment will be in the Scott County Cemetery.

Donations may be made to the Scott County EMTs in care of Price and Sons Funeral Homes.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


New casino

Are you one of the many people in Western Kansas who has anxiously been awaiting the opening of the new casino in Dodge City? If so, your wait is coming to an end. The casino is opening on Tuesday, December 21st.

The local news station that I watch during the noon hour spotlighted one of the very influential men who has prodded this project along. Today, he reported that all construction is finished, all meals on the menu have been tested and the nearly 300 employees have been hired and trained for tomorrow's opening day.

Personally, I am not much of a gambler but I would LOVE to go to the casino just to see the interior design! It has been done in a Victorian decor, which I love, with a heavy REAL cowboy influence. The walls and floors have been done with real stone, tile, wood and hand-woven carpetting. The countertops are made out of granite. The chandeliers are exquisite in design. Should be something to see!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Curious thing.

Its hard to believe that it is currently 60 degrees outside and my little angels are still able to build snowmen!!! This is actually the first time that they have been able to build snowmen that actually look like REAL snowmen! I am so proud of them! I was never talented enough to be able to build them...


Private and PERSONAL Lives!

Is anyone else out there getting sick and tired about hearing of Tiger Woods' affairs and the stupid, and I am sure, FALSE, gossip that Brad has just conceived a child with his ex-wife with the consent of his current lover/wife???

Everywhere you look, is information about these two topics of "information".

Both of these men have actually been heroes to our young people. Until now, as far as I know, neither of them had botched up their personal lives. I am NOT by any terms out there a perfect person, therefore, I never can hope to gain that status. Why should any of us expect our famous people to be pure and innocent? They are just as capable of making mistakes as we are. Since I don't want the world to marvel at my shortcomings, I don't believe that we have the right to look theirs' over. I am honestly shocked that we have not seen any articles that put the Pope in a negative light!

I really feel sorry for these individuals' loved ones. How in the world can Tiger and his wife ever hope to work their issues out with all of the media publishing all of the "facts", (yeah, right!)

I cannot solve these issues by myself but if ALL of us quit buying the magazines, etc that include articles on such topics, there would be no salary money to pay the paparazzi who go out, get the pics and stories.

One more of my MANY opinions...


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Massive project in Scott City park is completed.

For awhile now, various fundraisiers took place in Scott County to raise the necessary capital to put in an amazing new, for lack of a better word, piece of playground equipment across the street from the Dairy Queen. For months, the only thing that changed in the park was the sign which told passersby just how much more money was needed. Then, one day, we drove by and saw that quite a few people were in the park removing the older playground equipment. When we came back through, all of it was gone. It had been transferred to the park next to the swimming pool.

Then, one day, hoards of people showed up to the park to begin constructing the new equipment. The project was so great that it took several days to complete. Through the construction, CAUTION tape surrounded the new "equipment" so that children did not get hurt. I am happy to say that all is completed now and the yellow tape is in the trash dumpster somewhere!

The new equipment looks like an out-and-out castle to me. A fence surrounds everything. So far, whenever we have been in Scott City, the temperatures have been way too cold to allow our daughters to play on it. We hope that it is warmer when we go through town so that the girls can check it out.

Take a look at it sometime! I've never seen anything like it!!!


Correction on day...

Thanks to a good friend, I just found out that I reported that the shootings took place on Wednesday morning. What a flub!!! I knew that they had happened on Thursday!!! I guess that I need to do some more thorough proof reading BEFORE I hit the publish button.

My sincere apologies for not getting this right the first time!


Friday, December 11, 2009

People in Leoti really need your help right now...

Even though the true meaning of Christmas should not be a stressful time of year, the commercialism of the holiday has really caused much stress for many, MANY people. I just received a phone call from one of my readers. She wanted me to know that there is a family in town who is really feeling ALOT of pressure right now. I am not just talking about money problems that way too many of us are experiencing this year. This family is plagued with health issues, problems with their home's vital systems, etc.

The parents have gone to their 4 children and told them that because of the various problems, no Christmas presents can or will be purchased this year. I am sure that both of their hearts broke when they had to pass this info on to the children. It's impossible for kids not to be excited at the prospect of Santa Claus coming to their homes.

I am asking, correction, I am BEGGING you to join me in gathering whatever we can for this family who does not deserve what is happening at this time. I WILL NOT pass on the family's names, etc. Please don't ask for that information. I do not want any more grief for this family than what they are already dealing with. I WILL tell you that last Summer I told you all about a different family who had fallen on their own tragic times. The current family called me and gave me groceries as well as cash to pass on to the other family. The receiving family was overjoyed with the help that was given! Now, you know that they are not takers. Instead they are givers. They receive no help from the government. Both parents have full-time jobs.

I will only give you a vague bit of information so that no one is apt to discover the family's names. The parents have 4 children. There are three boys between the ages of 4 and 15 and 1 girl who is 5-7-years-old. The boys really enjoy all kinds of sports, car races, cars, trucks, backhoes, etc. The girl really enjoys baby dolls, barbie dolls, etc. All of them enjoy board games.

To protect their identity, I would appreciate it if you could call me at 375-4584 or 376-8922, and we can make arrangements at that time for us to go to your home, etc or you are more than welcome to drop any gifts, food, money, etc at our house. If you need directions to our home, please call me or email me at

You will probably never know how much joy you will bring into the hearts of the children! The love will then radiate into each of the parents' hearts!

I cannot tell those of you out there who have come forward and given wonderful gifts of goods, food, money and other items to our neighbors when they lost their husband and Daddy, just how tremendously proud I am of you!!! Most of the givers didn't even know the family.

If you can, please spread the word about this family's current ordeal and ask those people to contact me if they are in a position where they can help.

Thank you so very, VERY much!!!

Merry Christmas, one and ALL!


Incorrect info on a former post.

It just came to my attention that I was incorrect when I posted on December 6th that the Wichita County Community Foundation was asking for donations to purchase new playground equipment for the park. Donations should be given to the City of Leoti to help that dream became a reality.

Since then, I have corrected my earlier post.

I am sorry for any problems that this may have caused for anyone.


Shootings in LEOTI????????????

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is a resounding YES. Terrifying, to say the least.

The City crew hung up the Christmas lights a week or so before Thanksgiving. Since then, several have been shot out.

Thursday morning, between 7:00 and 7:30, the janitors had gone to work at the Wichita County Courthouse when VERY close gunfire rang out! Whoever it was shot out several of the brand-new windows there!!! Thanks to the everpresent Lord, no one was injured in this cowardly and totally non-understandable attack.

As far as I know, no one has yet to be arrested in these cases. People are reaching their own conclusions about the matter. Some are concerned that it may have been newcomers to our area. More than a year ago, quite a few people have come to Wichita County for work when jobs were not available in areas where they had been living. That all goes back to the current recession that our world is in at this time.

For me to say that that is whom I think is guilty, is totally false. Of course, it is a definite possibility but Leoti has our very own people who have lived here for many a year who could also be capable of these dastardly deeds.

I absolutely hate that this kind of senseless violence has taken place in our otherwise peaceful community. When things such as this happen, people should go on the defense IMMEDIATELY or else the violence can get worse and eventually result in bodily harm! A year ago, grafitti was done around town. People believed that it was gang-related. It may have been. A couple of individuals were later charged with the crimes. I certainly hope that this is not gang-related.

As far as I am concerned, actions will take place at our home. Until the criminals are caught, our daughters will no longer be allowed to walk around town. Over the past year, various businesses in Leoti have posted signs that guns are not allowed on the premises. As much as I hate to say this, maybe it's time that metal detectors be placed at these entrances and others so that lives can be better protected.

If you know who or have any ideas of whom you think may have done these crimes, PLEASE cantact the local Sheriff's Office at 620-375-2723. By doing so, you just might save the life of someone you love! I'll go even further to say, that WHEN, not IF these criminals are caught, I expect to see him/her/them imprisoned WITHOUT parole or probation until their full sentence has been served!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very concerned about the county and the people whom I love so very much,


Helen Mae Smades

Mrs. Smades was born on September 9th, 1913 to Harry and Ethel O'Neal Kean in Greeley County, Kansas and passed away on December 9th, 2009 at the Wichita County Long Term Care Unit at the age of 96.

After graduating from the Greeley County High School in 1931, she began teaching in the Greeley County school system. She married Bob Smades on June 10th of 1934 in Russell Springs, Kansas. He passed away on March 28th, 1983 at their home in Leoti. Aside from the time during World War 2 when she worked on B-29s at Wichita's Boeing Aircraft Company, she lived in Wichita County. She received her Bachelors of Education Degree by driving back and forth to Fort Hays State University on weekends and during summers. After teaching in Greeley County, she taught school in Wichita County's Pleasant Valley community. After that, she began her 29 year tenure at the Robert Bruce Stewart Elementary School in Leoti which was just across the street from her home. Mrs. Smades retired in 1981.

She was a member of the United Methodist Church in Leoti and was baptized at the age of 92. Other memberships include being a charter member of Leoti's Red Hat, Purple Dress group as well as her coffee and bridge clubs. (On a personal note, Mrs. Smades will go down in history as being one of Leoti's most favorite and beloved teachers to MANY students around the country!)

Survivors include her son, Jack and Lois Glanville-Smades of Larned, Ks. and her daughter, Noreen Walk, of Leoti, 3 grandsons, Rex and Kay (Walk) of McPherson, Ks., Daren and Karl Walk of Leoti, 3 granddaughters, Dana and Joe Hammeke of Belpre, Ks., Jan Smades of Hays, Ks., and Leigh Anne and Cory Stelter of Larned, Ks. and numerous great and great-great grandchildren.

Mrs. Smades was preceded in death by her parents, husband, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 1 grandson, Gary Smades, and twin great-grandsons.

Her funeral service will be held at 2:00 on Monday, December 14th, at the United Methodist Church in Leoti. Burial will be in the Beulah Cemetary in Rural Wichita County, Ks.

Friends may call from 2-8:00 on Saturday and from 1-8:00 on Sunday at the Price and Sons Funeral Home of Leoti.

All times are Central Standard.

Memorials may be given to the Wichita County Fire Department or the United Methodist Church in care of Price and Sons Funeral Home of Leoti.

Rest in peace, Mrs. Smades.

Obituary courtesy of Price and Sons Funeral Homes of Garden City, Scott City, Leoti and Tribune.


H1N1 Vaccine in Wichita County

Yesterday evening, Stan and I made our way to the Wichita County Health department to receive our shots to keep us free from this deadly virus that has just claimed another death in Kansas. The department remained open until 6:00 so that more people could receive their vaccine and not have to miss any work in order to do it. Now, I am pleased to say that both of our daughters and their parents are immunized!

The health department will be giving out more shots today, Friday, until around 11:00 a.m. After that, you can come back in next week and be immunized.

Just under 100 people took advantage of the free clinic with expanded hours yesterday! That's alot of shots for only one R.N. to dispense in a day's time! Thank you, Marvel!!!

Marvel also cautions people NOT to stop washing your hands just because you have been immunized against H1N1. There are still plenty of people who are not vaccinated for various reasons. It is up to all of us to do whatever we can to protect them by not passing the germs everywhere. In public locations where sanitary hand wipes are provided, USE THEM! Clean the handle of your shopping cart, etc. The virus is still amongst us!!!

Stay well!!!


Advantages of living in Leoti

As you know, the winter storm that hit us on Tuesday is gone but there is still a major mess that needs to be cleaned up. The City crew is still working on Main Street, Broadway and side streets. But there's another group of heros that are diligantly working in town who do not get paid for their work. That's the local farmers who have brought their tractors and loaders into town from their farms and are working diligantly! Their fuel is purchased at their own expense.

These men are helping on streets, roads and opening up private driveways throughout town. A few years ago when Leoti was a winter wonderland for months until Spring arrived, if it had not been for these farmers, many dirt roads in town never would have been opened.

Thank you to all of our heros for your time and your expense! All is MUCH-appreciated!!!


Bruce and Mitchell Endorf

Even though our latest winter storm moved out over 48 hours ago, the massive clean-up continues. For those of you who do not know, I clean the offices etc. at the Seaboard Mill as well as their downtown offices on Main Street. When I reported to work at their Main Street location on Wednesday evening, I was shocked to see that the whole block with the exception of part of the post office sidewalks were still covered with drifts of slick snow!

With my extremely, medically thinned blood, I must be VERY careful with slick surfaces. Doctors have told me that if I fall, hit my head, chances are that even if I am in an emergency room somewhere at the time, I will DIE!!! Tell you what, those words wake me up! LOL!!!

Anyway, Stan helped me through the snow and then after we finished, back to the car. We had no falls. Thank the good Lord!

Yesterday, Bruce and Mitch Endorf took their Bobcat and handy, dandy snow shovels and cleaned the entire west side of that block! Yes there is still a ridge of snow where the trees and planters are located, but they also cleaned pathways from each business to the curb. I am happy to say that everywhere that they cleaned is DRY! To my knowledge, that is now the safest and driest sidewalk in town! I am sure that if the trees and planters had not taken up so much room, they would have also cleaned that area. Now, people who want to go to the museum, Farm Bureau Office, Seaboard offices, the new Mexican-American store and the Post Office can do it safely!

Thank you, Bruce and Mitch for doing more-than-your-fair-share to keep Leotians safe!!!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sad, sad thing in Leoti...

At noon, today, the temperature was under 20 degrees. I drove by a house where two flamingos live in the front yard. I had seen them last week when the weather was warm. They were a beautiful shade of pink! Today, the cold has forced the pink to turn into a deep shade of grey blue!

Sad, sad...


A keen observation

With these miserably cold temperatures outdoors, aren't we thankful for indoor heat and plumbing? LOL!!!


Helen Smades

Helen Smades, 96, a much loved lady and long-term school teacher in Leoti, passed away on Wednesday, December 9th, in Leoti. As soon as I have the service details, you can depend on me to update this information.

Rest in peace, Mrs. Smades...


Whatever happened to common courtesy???

Last night, my 7-year-old daughter, Abigayle, and myself were reading a great new children's book, HOW TO GET A GORILLA OUT OF YOUR BATHTUB by John Hall, an author who just recently visited the kids at Leoti's grade school. Its a really cute children's book! Towards the end of the story, the author teaches the readers to follow common everyday manners such as saying "thank you" and "please". He has also written another children's book, MICKEY MCGUFFIN'S EAR. I am happy that we bought both of his books! They're very well written and have good messages for the kids!

Anyway, I am thankful that Mr. Hall took time to encourage children to use some manners. It made me do some thinking. Why is it that complete strangers, people whom our children will probably never meet, are feeling it necessary to do this? I can tell you! It's because many parents no longer find it important to teach their children, themselves. Shoot! There's alot of parents, grandparents, etc out there who never use manners and common courtesy themselves. We, like it or not, serve as models for not only our own children and grandchildren, but other kids along the way.

In the early 1980s, Stan and I ran a chain of convenience stores in Southwest Kansas. Even back then, we had to "remind" co-employees to "use their manners" when dealing with customers. I couldn't believe it back then! Now, it is even worse!

I've been paying attention to area store employees. Some speak to you when you walk into the store but others don't find that to be a necessity. Some thank their customers for coming in. Many don't. Some treat the customers like they are genuinely happy to "get to" wait on you, etc. Others seem like they would rather be anywhere else but standing behind the cash register or helping you to find items in the store. What has happened? Did management at the business forget to mention to the clerk/associate that the customers ultimately pay their paychecks??? Right now, I am thinking of one such associate. I have NO idea how many times I have heard customers go to him/her, ask where such and such are only to be told that if such and such is not on the shelf, there is none in the store. He/she does not strain himself/herself by walking to the backroom and taking a look to see if such and such just may possibly still be in the backroom.

Lately, I have found on a regular basis, than an item that we purchase on a regular basis is hardly ever on the shelf when I go into purchase it. The manager and assistant manager have told me that they stock extras of it in the backroom. So, now when I go in and find the empty shelf, I go to the backroom and help myself to it. I then take it to the check-out counter, hand it to him/her so that I can pay for it. The clerk NEVER bothers to ask me where I found it. He/she KNOWS that I got it out of the backroom! I'm thinking seriously of grabbing an empty grocery cart, filling it with the product, taking it to the shelf and restocking it myself in front of the clerk! Maybe, just maybe, he/she will feel guilty and choose to do a better job from then on.

Our daughters are popular girls so we have a pretty steady stream of their friends coming over. Some of their friends never seem to forget to say "please", "thank you", "you're welcome", etc. Unfortunately, a good portion of their friends never say these things. So...I have decided to take it upon myself to teach them good manners. No, I don't sit them down at the dining room table and get out any manner and courtesy books! I just remind them to say "thank you" whenever I give them something or do something for them. It usually works because from then on, they seem to remember.

My parents taught us our manners as soon as we learned to talk. I remember, even back then, how people commented often on our good manners. Why aren't more parents doing that today? I'll tell you what. Many parents could get alot of lessons on parenting if they were able to use my folks as models. They were the best! Fortunately, Mama is still here to model for her grandchildren!!!

Something else that ticks me off is this. My parents showed me that if an older person or handicapped person needed help with opening/shutting doors, we were to offer to help. If we were standing in line to be checked out and one such person also got into line, we should let that person get in front of us so that they were not forced to stand in line any longer than necessary. I've also taught my daughters that if an older person, handicapped person or pregnant lady comes into a public restroom, to let that person use the restroom first. I cannot believe how many kids and ADULTS shove people out of their way in such circumstances! What's happened to the so-call CIVILIZED people in our world???

Just another of my many observations...


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FREE Shots for EVERYONE in Wichita County!!!

No, not shots of whiskey!!! LOL!

I just received a phone call from the Wichita County Health Department. The call was to advice me that everyone, irregardless of age, health history, etc., in Wichita County is invited to come to the Health Department for FREE H1N1 shots effective IMMEDIATELY!

If you have any questions, please call Marvel or Leanne at 375-2289.

The Health Department is staying open until 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 10th.

What a great Christmas gift!!! MANY lives can be saved by taking advantage of this offer!!!

PLEASE spread the word!!!


Our sincere appreciation goes out to the Leoti City Crew

As you know, a major winter storm hit just about all of the state of Kansas in the past couple of days. So far, no computer program has been invented to force the snow and ice not to land on streets, roads and highways. LOL!!! Therefore, it is up to State, County and City road departments to come forth and clean the mess that is left behind or else major traffic is paralyzed and comes to a stand still. Not good.

Last night, when the storm began moving out of Leoti, our City crew climbed into loaders, scrapers, tractors, etc and began cleaning major streets and intersections. While the rest of us slept away in our cozy beds, they continued to clean in the VERY cold of the night. They've done an exceptional job to keep life moving in and through Leoti.

When Dick Taylor was City Superintendant, he made sure that after the snow was piled up in the center of the main streets, that loaders came around, picked this ridge of snow up and hauled it off to somewhere where the moisture from the melted snow could be fully appreciated--somewhere where dirt could absorb the water. Otherwise, the snow would melt during the heat of the day and then when the cold of night took it's place, the moisture on the streets turned to ice. The ice then enabled cars to collide and people who were trying to cross the streets on foot, to fall.

There were a few other towns in Kansas that also removed the snow ridge from the main streets. In recent years when fuel prices soared, many of those City departments chose to leave the snow ridge because they could not afford the fuel that was required to move them.

Today, I received a phone call from a driver in downtown Leoti who told me that Aaron Matteson, new Leoti City Sperintendant, has re-implemented the practice of taking down the ridge of snow on Main Street and Broadway. THANK YOU, AARON!!! And, thanks to all of the crew members who have stayed up all night working so that Leoti's streets are not only passable but safer for the rest of us!!! Kudos!!!


Wichita County survives a winter storm.

Yesterday, school was appropriately cancelled in Wichita County. Even though some parents are always angered that they "are FORCED " to spend more time with their offspring, I am only too happy to have my chidren at home with me!

We received heavy snow for most of the day. Later in the day, winds picked up causing some major blowing and drifting of the snow. Our neighbors have a drift that is probably 3 feet deep! Of course, a few years ago, drifts were MUCH deeper than that. By nightfall, snow came to an end, winds slowed down and life went on. School will be resuming at 10:30 today.

My husband who is a semi-truck driver, called a little while ago. In case you are considering traveling somewhere today, he said that the county roads around here are not bad. The highways between Leoti and Garden City are really good except for a few areas between Modoc and Scott City. Of course, even when the roads are clear, it is important that no one drive with the cruise control whenever moisture is present on the roads.

Right now, 9:21, the temperature in Leoti is -9 degrees. He said that it is downright HOT in Garden City! It's 6 degrees there. LOL!!!

Be careful in this beautiful winter wonderland!



I just felt obligated to say something about this topic that has been bugging me for quite some time now. Years ago, the FCC (Federal Communications Commision) determined that allowing TV to show cigarette and other tobacco-related commercials should be banned. Members of the commission felt that by allowing these commercials to air, sort of told our children whom were watching television and seeing these commercials, that using various forms of tobacco was not only okay but it was also the glamourous thing to do in our society. After all, you didn't see people with lung cancer, emphysema, or heart problems lying in their deathbeds smoking their last cigarettes. Instead, you saw handsome, rugged men and beautiful sex-bomb blond-headed women puffing away. Of course, most youngsters wanted to look just like these individuals and they wanted to be KOOL so they were encouraged to start smoking ASAP.

Daddy was one of those such people, however, I doubt that he had even heard of television back then so those ads did not influence him or his friends. Like many others, he started smoking when he was 12-years-old. Of course, he and other children weren't allowed to smoke indoors so they chose to hide out behind the family barns, in cars with their cronies, etc., etc., etc. 12-years-old-- I just cannot phathom that. (Our daughter, Leighlyn, is 12 now and I would be HORRIFIED to learn that she was also a smoker!) So, when I heard that tobacco ads were being taken "off of the air", I was thrilled!

Now, at least in MYopinion, equally offensive products have taken their place--condoms, sex aids, sexually enticing vaginal lubricants!!! What's next? Commercials that will advertise the nearest prostitution hang out including the pimp's business telephone and cellphone numbers so that interested people can locate someone to relieve their sexual tensions much easier than before???

Hopefully, fewer children are neglecting to listen to the cons of using tobacco now. But, on the other hand, when these sexual items are being advertised, aren't we encouraging our children to go out, buy some sex aids and have sexual relationships because it is the kool thing to do? And, again, the actors in these commericals don't look like tubs-of-lard, acne-eaten or sick individuals. They are extremely attractive! Therefore, our children are being told, once again, that sex is the way to go!!!

As you can tell, it REALLY bothers me. Don't get me wrong, I am glad that condoms are for sale in easily accessible markets such as convenience stores, discount stores, pharmacies, etc. The truth of the matter is that sex without marriage was happening clear back before Jesus Christ was born so to think that unmarital sex can be irradicated now, is ridiculous. It is going to happen, AIDS is very present in our world so the responsible thing to do is for people to use condoms.

I just wonder why the FCC isn't doing something about this latest trend on TV. Like many other parents, Stan and I avoid watching various shows or movies that include sexual content with our daughters present. Life is tough enough for today's children let alone throw TV sex or ads in their faces. I also believe that parents, grandparents, older brothers and sisters, etc need to reinforce values to children that pre-marital sex is NOT kool--that sexual activities should be saved for the wedding night. When these ads are shown over and over again, whatever we say to our children is being kicked out the door.

Just another of my MANY opinions, like it or not...

I am interested in knowing how you feel about this subject.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Allergies in December???


I was watching a news program today. A doctor warned people that if you have allergies but don't usually need meds for them in the Winter, you may want to reconsider.

It seems that since Kansas and some other places have had some unusually warm temperatures lately, that the pollens, etc have "come back to live" causing people and pets to suffer.

Right now, pet owners are concerned about their pets having "hot spots" on their skin. The hot spots are an allergic reaction. They cause the pets to be uncomfortable because the spots actually feel just like other skin burns. If your pet is experiencing these issues, please take them to your local veterinarian as they do require treatment.

Currently, Western Kansas is experiencing snow and ice. Later in the week, temperatures are supposed to heat up again.


Margit Dizmang

A couple of weeks ago, Margit Dizmang fell at her home and broke a hip. Since then, she had surgery in Hays to repair it. All went well. Since then, she was transported back to Leoti to the Wichita County Hospital's Swingbed Unit. She will remain there as she mends. After that, she will go home. In the meantime, she would LOVE to have you stop by and visit her or call the hospital at 620-375-2233. Your call will then be transferred to her room.

If you want to send her a get-well or Christmas card, please send it to the following address:

Margit Dizmang
c/o Wichita County Hospital
211 East Earl Street
Leoti, Ks.

Thank you!


Ellis and Janice Rewerts

Just got an email from Janice and Ellis Rewerts. They have just added musical Christmas lights to their yard! What that means is if you go to the area around their house and have your car radio set to 88.7, you will get to listen to their Christmas music. Don't think that they're having electrical problems when you see that their lights are flashing. That's a PLUS! The lights flash in unison with the beat of the music!

They live 1 block south of the United Methodist Church in Leoti.

How, you wonder? The Rewerts are not taking turns flipping the light switch. Instead, this is computer-operated. We saw this north of Garden City last year. It is just took kool!

Thank you, Ellis and Janice! You're starting a great new tradition in Leoti! Before you know it, many children and ADULTS will want to drive by your house all of the time to take the music and lights in!

Drive over, park and enjoy!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Weather WARNING!!!

Last week, area meterologists predicted that Kansas might have a winter storm the first part of this week. Looks like they were right! Yesterday, the authorities announced that a Winter Storm Watch had been issued which means that a storm is a possibility. Today, it has now been discontinued and a warning has gone into effect. That means that this weather will probably take place.

Now is the time to prepare your home, your outdoor pets, your vehicles...

Make sure that you have adequate amounts of food in your home for you and your family that will last for several days in the event that you cannot get to your local grocery store. Have candles, matches or cigarette lighters handy in case electricity goes out. Bring at least one sturdy shovel and Ice Melt INTO your home so that they are readily available to go to work for you on your porches, steps and sidewalks. If you have poor health or are older, DO NOT go outside to do these things!!! Instead, call a friend, relative instead. Here in Leoti, Skyler and Brice Mason have a snow-blowing machine that removes the snow from sidewalks. Please give them a call at 375-2133 to get on their schedule. They will also scoop the snow off of your porches and steps.

If you have outdoor animals that cannot come indoors, make sure that they have adequate food, water and warm dry bedding and a place to go to get out of the weather.

Fill your vehicles with gas, anti-freeze, flashlights with extra batteries and windshield wiper fluid. Don't forget your cellphone and an aotomobile cellphone charger! Have blankets, food, water, extra clothing, socks inside your vehicle in case you are snowbound on the roads or highways. It is also a GREAT idea to pack an empty 1 pound METAL coffee can with a roll of toilet paper. Have a bottle of alcohol and a cigarette lighter or matches handy. If worse comes to worse, take the coffee can lid off of the can, saturate the toilet paper with alcohol and light. There is a wonderful amount of heat that will be expelled from this technique! There will not be dangerous flames! I also recommend that you also pack some books or other things to keep you busy as you sit and wait. Of course, if you do not have to drive, PLEASE DON'T!!!


Thank you!!!

Many of us are very fortunate to have nearby families and friends whom we can share Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Easter, etc. For those of us, we oftimes don't remember that there are others out there who don't have that option.

This past Thanksgiving of 2009, Leoti's Route 96 Cafe remained open for lunch that day. I was not there but I have spoken with people who were. They were VERY happy with the quality and abundance of the food there! Most importantly, they were humbled at the aspect of being able to gather with others on this wonderful day. One such person told me that if the Cafe had not chosen to be open, he would have been forced to eat a turkey TV dinner instead.

Thank you to the Route 96 Cafe's powers-that-be and to those of you who prepared the food, waited tables and washed dishes at the cafe on Thanksgiving!!!



Anyone who has spent any time at our house in recent years, knows that we have a very definite Victorian-Traditional Interior Design! One of the elements of that design is lace doilies, tablecloths, table runners, etc. Right now, I am in need of some of those. If you have any that you would like to sell, could you please let me know?

You can reach us at 375-4584, 376-8922 or email us at .

Thank you sooooooooo much!!!


Inportant News about the Tribune Movie Thetre

As of the weekend of December 12th and 13th, the movies will be shown earlier at 7:30 CST until Summer. That means that the movies will now be seen 1/2 hour earlier than it has been. As far as people who have school age children in Wichita County are concerned, this is great! We can also have the option of taking our kids to the Sunday movie and still get them home on time for bed!

Ticket prices have remained the same low price, $5.00 for everyone 13-years-old and older, 4 through 12-year-olds--$4.00 and birth through 3-year-olds--FREE.

I am hoping that more people will take advantage of the earlier schedule so that they can come and experience the amazing renovations that have been done at the theatre in the past year!

Come and enjoy a movie (and the ambience!)


Sunday, December 6, 2009

More Playground Equipment in Leoti?

The City of Leoti is asking for donations to purchase more playground equipment for Leoti. As a parent of two children in Leoti, I would love to see that wish come true! However, I have an idea that I would like to know if people would support or not.

We have two great parks in town--the new one by the swimming pool and the older park in the southwest corner of town. Both have great sidewalk paths for walking. Both have roofed in buildings for BBQs. What about putting some of the new equipment in the old park? Sometimes, older children (teenagers) are in the new park and sometimes discourage the younger children from playing there. If the older park also had nice equipment, the younger children could play there.

Both parks are maintained very well!

What do you think?

Christmas Lights in Leoti

Last night, our family drove through Leoti in search of Christmas lights. We found quite a few! If your family is into this sport, you JUST HAVE TO got by the Kyle and Heather Harkness-Leimkuhler residence om the corner of Third and "C" Streets!!! Believe me, you will not be disappointed!

In recent years, they have collected and added more lights, "sculptures", etc in their front yard. This year, they have also converted their backyard into a Winter Wonderland! Heather told me that her parents donated their reindeer to the Leimkuhlers this year. Our daughter was sooo excited when she noticed that rows of candy canes line their front sidewalk from the street to their front door! Each candy cane is holding a string of lights.

My favorite movie of ALL time is Chevy Chase's CHRISTMAS VACATION. The Leimkuhlers have put the Griswalds to shame! Their electric meter has to be spinning rapidly as was the Griswalds but everything at Leimkuhlers is much more tastefully done.

Thank you, Kyle and Heather, for becoming a great tradition in Leoti! Many children throughout town beg their parents to drive around your house! Unfortunately, they beg yearround. Good thing that your yard is perfectly landscaped!

Happy Christmas light hunting!!!


My family wants to thank Aaron Matteson and the other City of Leoti guys.

For many a year, our dirt roads have been the livin' pits in the Northern Leoti area. Aaron took over as City Superintendant a year ago. Since then, our streets have DRASTICALLY improved! This past week, many hours were spent by his crew grading the streets in our neighborhood, at least. Once they were just right, more sand was brought in. That was great to see! For people who have never lived on dirt streets, whenever rain or snow lands on them, they usually get REALLY bad! As vehicles travel down them, deep trenches are left, people get stuck, etc.

Thank you, Aaron and everyone else involved who have come in, repaired and prepared our roads for Winter!!!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tribune's Cortlandt Ingram and Famous Friends are coming to YOUR Television Set!!!

People around these parts have really enjoyed going to various musical events spotlighting the Ingram Family Band in the 1970s to Cortlandt Ingram's SOUTHERN SKY. The musical Ingrams included Dwain, Theoma, Eddie, Bev, Tava and Cortlandt. Back then, Cort was just a little tot who still managed to put on a great show. He played the fiddle, sang and danced. Many of us went to listen to them whenever they played. They were downright famous around here!

Through Cortlandt's childhood, he was continuously trained on the fiddle and guitar by his grandfather, Dwain. (Some don't know this but Dwain has been a gifted musician since way before he ever married Theoma! After his father passed away at a young age, Dwayne gave up his dreams of making it big in Nashville so that he could stay in Greeley County and run the family farm.)

Cortlandt was home-schooled so that he would have more available time to work on his music. He later went to a music college in Texas, went on to co-own his own country-western band, SOUTHERN SKY and eventually made it to Branson, Mo. where he has produced great music for several famous music groups including SONS OF THE PIONEERS, THE BRASCHLERS and now he is with the tremendously famed PRESLEY FAMILY.

The powers-to-be at the Presley Family released the news this week that the famous family and multi-talented cast will be entering into uncharted territory.... TV!!!!!! They have just signed a multi-year contract with RFD-TV. Each week, they will produce a half-hour show which will spotlight their music, variety and entertainment shows that are expected to air on RFD-TV (Rural Farm Development) in March of 2010. The Presley Family is the first of the longest running shows in Branson to enter into a TV series.

They have entertained people from everywhere for 42 years now. The series will be filmed on stage at their theatre and will feature 3 generations of their family, as well as their cast.

"What started out as a family cave in the Ozarks can now truly echo around the world, thanks to RFD-TV and RURAL TV," said Steve Presley, Vice President of Presley Entertainment.

The series went in to production on Thursday. So far, Debby Boone, Buck Trent and Sons of the Pioneers have already filmed their performances.

The primetime show will air on Saturday evenings each week in the middle of the channel's "music row" line of shows at 7:30 p.m., just after the MARTY STUART SHOW and preceding "MIDWEST COUNTRY." Each show will be repeated twice during the next week.

Cortlandt is the son of Eddie and Bev Case-Wenger and the grandson of Dwayne and Theoma Ingram of Tribune and the late Cloris Case of Leoti.

We're looking forward to the series!!!



Charlie Bonner

Charlie Bonner, former Wichita County resident and current Scott County resident, has just produced a new music CD. Lonesome Charlie just released his 'GO WITH THE FLOW." If you're interested in purchasing it, please send a $15.00 check, cash or money order to the following address:

Lonesome Charlie Bonner
401 83
Scott City, Ks.

The $15.00 includes shipping/handling and a personal autographed copy.

Charlie Bonner is the owner of Keystone Gallery on the highway between Scott City and Oakley.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Accident at Local Business

Recently, people have been asking what happened at a local auto parts store in Leoti. Without naming names, I will try to let people know what happened. A customer's foot accidentally slipped off of his brake and caused his vehicle to go partially through a large plate glass window and door. As far as I know, no one was injured.


Coins for Angels

RBSES (Robert Bruce Stewart Elementary School) Students are being asked to donate any coins that they may want to sponsor one or more angels that are on Security State Bank's "Angel Tree". Each angel represents a child from Wichita County who will probably not receive any Christmas gifts unless people from the community donate money to this cause. Each child on the tree has notified the powers-to-be of what they are really hoping for as far as presents are concerned.

As parents, friends, neighbors, etc of RBSES students, we can send coins to school that will be used for the children in need this year at Christmas time. If you wish to donate cash, checks or coins to this cause but do not know any RBSES students, please feel free to drop your money off at the grade school office or simply make your donation for the Angel Tree at Leoti's Security State Bank.

Too many children dread the first day back to school after Christmas because many teachers allow a special Show and Tell opportunity for the children to show what they received for Christmas. For a lot of children, little if anything was received from Santa Claus, family, friends, etc. The younger children are left wondering why everyone else was remembered at Christmas with gifts but they were not. One child who has to face this sadness is one too many.

I realize that many people are struggling with finances now but you do not have to donate a large amount of money. Just donate whatever you feel comfortable with. If everyone donated a dollar or less, the money would build up and really serve to make some children REALLY happy...

If you do not live in Wichita County, I strongly urge that you find a place in your own community that is also collecting funds for children who otherwise may not have Christmas gifts this year.

If you are a former Wichita Countian and want to make a donation of any amount of money for our local children, please call the bank at 620-375-4800. I am sure that they would only be too happy to accept your donations via credit card, debit card, etc.

If you know of a child who will probably not be having Christmas gifts this year, PLEASE call the bank and let them know of this child.

Thank you for your wonderful support!