Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I just felt obligated to say something about this topic that has been bugging me for quite some time now. Years ago, the FCC (Federal Communications Commision) determined that allowing TV to show cigarette and other tobacco-related commercials should be banned. Members of the commission felt that by allowing these commercials to air, sort of told our children whom were watching television and seeing these commercials, that using various forms of tobacco was not only okay but it was also the glamourous thing to do in our society. After all, you didn't see people with lung cancer, emphysema, or heart problems lying in their deathbeds smoking their last cigarettes. Instead, you saw handsome, rugged men and beautiful sex-bomb blond-headed women puffing away. Of course, most youngsters wanted to look just like these individuals and they wanted to be KOOL so they were encouraged to start smoking ASAP.

Daddy was one of those such people, however, I doubt that he had even heard of television back then so those ads did not influence him or his friends. Like many others, he started smoking when he was 12-years-old. Of course, he and other children weren't allowed to smoke indoors so they chose to hide out behind the family barns, in cars with their cronies, etc., etc., etc. 12-years-old-- I just cannot phathom that. (Our daughter, Leighlyn, is 12 now and I would be HORRIFIED to learn that she was also a smoker!) So, when I heard that tobacco ads were being taken "off of the air", I was thrilled!

Now, at least in MYopinion, equally offensive products have taken their place--condoms, sex aids, sexually enticing vaginal lubricants!!! What's next? Commercials that will advertise the nearest prostitution hang out including the pimp's business telephone and cellphone numbers so that interested people can locate someone to relieve their sexual tensions much easier than before???

Hopefully, fewer children are neglecting to listen to the cons of using tobacco now. But, on the other hand, when these sexual items are being advertised, aren't we encouraging our children to go out, buy some sex aids and have sexual relationships because it is the kool thing to do? And, again, the actors in these commericals don't look like tubs-of-lard, acne-eaten or sick individuals. They are extremely attractive! Therefore, our children are being told, once again, that sex is the way to go!!!

As you can tell, it REALLY bothers me. Don't get me wrong, I am glad that condoms are for sale in easily accessible markets such as convenience stores, discount stores, pharmacies, etc. The truth of the matter is that sex without marriage was happening clear back before Jesus Christ was born so to think that unmarital sex can be irradicated now, is ridiculous. It is going to happen, AIDS is very present in our world so the responsible thing to do is for people to use condoms.

I just wonder why the FCC isn't doing something about this latest trend on TV. Like many other parents, Stan and I avoid watching various shows or movies that include sexual content with our daughters present. Life is tough enough for today's children let alone throw TV sex or ads in their faces. I also believe that parents, grandparents, older brothers and sisters, etc need to reinforce values to children that pre-marital sex is NOT kool--that sexual activities should be saved for the wedding night. When these ads are shown over and over again, whatever we say to our children is being kicked out the door.

Just another of my MANY opinions, like it or not...

I am interested in knowing how you feel about this subject.


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