Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank you!!!

As you know, I asked for 2 things during Thanksgiving. I asked for names of families who would be struggling financially during Christmas. Number 2, I asked for any volunteers who would be able to help us provide a better Christmas for them. All in all, we ended up helping 6 families in the Leoti and Scott City area. (The Scott City family had major ties to Leotians.)

I have already thanked the people who have helped IMMENSELY to make all of their families' Christmases, happy ones! We NEVER could have done it without those several people!!! Those people furnished cash, toys, clothes, food, etc.

Today, two HUGE boxes were delivered to our home via FED EX. I had already been expecting them since just before Christmas. I felt so sorry for the F.E. delivery lady! She was short in stature and had to carry them to our front door! If we would have known that she was here, we would have gladly helped get the boxes into our home!

Inside the boxes were a mix of sacks with brand-new clothes for three area children and a bunch of other clothes that had just BARELY been used. Our daughters and I then delivered the boxes to the intended family. Even though we did not have time to stand around as the kids jumped into their new outfits, we could tell that the kids were only TOO THRILLED to have received them!

This year, finances are pretty tough on alot of people. It was just sooo joyous to see people come together and give whatever they could for total strangers! (I say strangers because I refused to divulge the names of the families needing some help.) People from Wichita County, Grant County, California and Italy made Christmas dreams come true for a bunch of local kids! We signed the Christmas gifts "From a Few of Santa's Elves." Even though, I know who the elves were, I have not shared the names with anyone as some of you asked me to keep your identity confidential. I will keep this private but just know that I will NEVER forget what each of you did for these deserving children! Oh and by the way, did I mention that I love each and every one of you??? In case I didn't, I do!!! LOL!!!

New Year's Eve is once again upon us. Many of us make promises to ourselves that we will be better people in the coming year. As far as you who donated your love are concerned, I don't think that you can be any better people than you already are!

Happy 2010, one and all!!!


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