Saturday, December 12, 2009

Correction on day...

Thanks to a good friend, I just found out that I reported that the shootings took place on Wednesday morning. What a flub!!! I knew that they had happened on Thursday!!! I guess that I need to do some more thorough proof reading BEFORE I hit the publish button.

My sincere apologies for not getting this right the first time!



  1. i live a block away and my son and i was out side we seen 2 cop cars ther tonight on side of court house were sheld was looking with there lights on here we go again what the hell is going on in leoti lately also there was a shooting at a farmers house the other night shooting cattle cops got him but starting to womdeing why all of a sudden these guys are destroying leoti we we are worry about even being out side any more

  2. it is getting scarier and SCARIER all ov the time. I completely agree about being outdoors.


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