Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just in case you missed it...

The Christ Covenant Church's youth presented a totally amazing and wonderful Christmas program on Sunday evening. It was something else!!! My mother and Grandma attended us with it. They, too, were completely impressed with it!

I've never been to a program like this. The children from preschoolers on through seniors in high school sang Christmas songs, acted out a play and various young girls, including Leighlyn and Abigayle, did a ballet dance for all. The girls who danced are also in ballet class in Leoti with Jeanette Price who is their gifted instructor. Our daughters have loved Jeanette for several years!

When our pastor's wife, Angie Everest, began putting her ideas together for the program, she thought of asking Jeanette to choreograph the dance. Jeanette was very willing to do so. For several weeks, the girls met at the church to learn their dance. Jeanette, Angie and Shayley White guided the girls through the whole thing. It was BEAUTIFUL!

Then, along came Trae Bremer, son of Mindi Bremer, and Shayley White, daughter of Jan White, who performed a duet that was, for lack of a better word, outstanding! The two are both in high school here and sing frequently both at church and in concerts, musicals, etc at the high school. Their performance should have been taped. These kids could very easily become professionals! I doubt if many dry eyes existed in church that night as they sang. To top off their musical skills, they are tremendously special people in "real life".

The whole program's theme was Jesus' birthday party. In it, Joseph and Mary return to earth one more time to see how everyone honors Jesus at his own party. They are disappointed to see that many people never even mention Jesus Christ on Christmas. We're too busy to mention Him or even to think of Him because we are caught up in buying/opening gifts, etc.

This year, challenge yourself and your family to discuss Jesus' birth during your Christmas season. Afterall, Jesus is the reason for the season!

Merry Christmas, one and all!


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