Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wichita County survives a winter storm.

Yesterday, school was appropriately cancelled in Wichita County. Even though some parents are always angered that they "are FORCED " to spend more time with their offspring, I am only too happy to have my chidren at home with me!

We received heavy snow for most of the day. Later in the day, winds picked up causing some major blowing and drifting of the snow. Our neighbors have a drift that is probably 3 feet deep! Of course, a few years ago, drifts were MUCH deeper than that. By nightfall, snow came to an end, winds slowed down and life went on. School will be resuming at 10:30 today.

My husband who is a semi-truck driver, called a little while ago. In case you are considering traveling somewhere today, he said that the county roads around here are not bad. The highways between Leoti and Garden City are really good except for a few areas between Modoc and Scott City. Of course, even when the roads are clear, it is important that no one drive with the cruise control whenever moisture is present on the roads.

Right now, 9:21, the temperature in Leoti is -9 degrees. He said that it is downright HOT in Garden City! It's 6 degrees there. LOL!!!

Be careful in this beautiful winter wonderland!


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