Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tribune's Cortlandt Ingram and Famous Friends are coming to YOUR Television Set!!!

People around these parts have really enjoyed going to various musical events spotlighting the Ingram Family Band in the 1970s to Cortlandt Ingram's SOUTHERN SKY. The musical Ingrams included Dwain, Theoma, Eddie, Bev, Tava and Cortlandt. Back then, Cort was just a little tot who still managed to put on a great show. He played the fiddle, sang and danced. Many of us went to listen to them whenever they played. They were downright famous around here!

Through Cortlandt's childhood, he was continuously trained on the fiddle and guitar by his grandfather, Dwain. (Some don't know this but Dwain has been a gifted musician since way before he ever married Theoma! After his father passed away at a young age, Dwayne gave up his dreams of making it big in Nashville so that he could stay in Greeley County and run the family farm.)

Cortlandt was home-schooled so that he would have more available time to work on his music. He later went to a music college in Texas, went on to co-own his own country-western band, SOUTHERN SKY and eventually made it to Branson, Mo. where he has produced great music for several famous music groups including SONS OF THE PIONEERS, THE BRASCHLERS and now he is with the tremendously famed PRESLEY FAMILY.

The powers-to-be at the Presley Family released the news this week that the famous family and multi-talented cast will be entering into uncharted territory.... TV!!!!!! They have just signed a multi-year contract with RFD-TV. Each week, they will produce a half-hour show which will spotlight their music, variety and entertainment shows that are expected to air on RFD-TV (Rural Farm Development) in March of 2010. The Presley Family is the first of the longest running shows in Branson to enter into a TV series.

They have entertained people from everywhere for 42 years now. The series will be filmed on stage at their theatre and will feature 3 generations of their family, as well as their cast.

"What started out as a family cave in the Ozarks can now truly echo around the world, thanks to RFD-TV and RURAL TV," said Steve Presley, Vice President of Presley Entertainment.

The series went in to production on Thursday. So far, Debby Boone, Buck Trent and Sons of the Pioneers have already filmed their performances.

The primetime show will air on Saturday evenings each week in the middle of the channel's "music row" line of shows at 7:30 p.m., just after the MARTY STUART SHOW and preceding "MIDWEST COUNTRY." Each show will be repeated twice during the next week.

Cortlandt is the son of Eddie and Bev Case-Wenger and the grandson of Dwayne and Theoma Ingram of Tribune and the late Cloris Case of Leoti.

We're looking forward to the series!!!



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