Thursday, December 3, 2009

Coins for Angels

RBSES (Robert Bruce Stewart Elementary School) Students are being asked to donate any coins that they may want to sponsor one or more angels that are on Security State Bank's "Angel Tree". Each angel represents a child from Wichita County who will probably not receive any Christmas gifts unless people from the community donate money to this cause. Each child on the tree has notified the powers-to-be of what they are really hoping for as far as presents are concerned.

As parents, friends, neighbors, etc of RBSES students, we can send coins to school that will be used for the children in need this year at Christmas time. If you wish to donate cash, checks or coins to this cause but do not know any RBSES students, please feel free to drop your money off at the grade school office or simply make your donation for the Angel Tree at Leoti's Security State Bank.

Too many children dread the first day back to school after Christmas because many teachers allow a special Show and Tell opportunity for the children to show what they received for Christmas. For a lot of children, little if anything was received from Santa Claus, family, friends, etc. The younger children are left wondering why everyone else was remembered at Christmas with gifts but they were not. One child who has to face this sadness is one too many.

I realize that many people are struggling with finances now but you do not have to donate a large amount of money. Just donate whatever you feel comfortable with. If everyone donated a dollar or less, the money would build up and really serve to make some children REALLY happy...

If you do not live in Wichita County, I strongly urge that you find a place in your own community that is also collecting funds for children who otherwise may not have Christmas gifts this year.

If you are a former Wichita Countian and want to make a donation of any amount of money for our local children, please call the bank at 620-375-4800. I am sure that they would only be too happy to accept your donations via credit card, debit card, etc.

If you know of a child who will probably not be having Christmas gifts this year, PLEASE call the bank and let them know of this child.

Thank you for your wonderful support!


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