Thursday, December 3, 2009

Your kind help...

You've already heard about the death of our neighbor across the stret from us. It was and still is tragic. I have been SOOO VERY PROUD of all of you who have stepped forward and offered your assistance with the family left behind!!!

Over the weekend, a lady in town purchased a package of diapers at Leoti's Dollar General and left them there for the family. She wished to be anonymous. The manager hung on to them until we went in the next time. She then gave them to us. Stan delivered them to the wife. She was so very happy to get them!

If you are also wanting to help. please feel free to leave your item(s) at Dollar General or bring them to our house and we can deliver them for you if that is what you want. If you don't mind letting them know who the gift is from, please write your name and any other note that you want. Or, if you also want to keep your identity secretive, just let Linda, the store's manager, or us know. Your wish will be our command.

Thank you so very much!!!



  1. i like to know the address so i can take some things to them clothes dishes towls and ect they can use along with a few christmas stuff thanks lynn beth turley leoti ks.

  2. Beth, they live at 708 N. Second Street. Do you know where we live? If you do, it is across the steet and two houses further north. If you have any problems, please let me know.

    Thank you sooooooooooo much for your help and kindness!


  3. ok i got it thanks the kids and i are getting stuff for them and need to wrap a few things before taking it there thanks i know so be greatful as i said before she not know much english but always wavy and trys to understand and talk to me and i also have been there. i lost arts and tinas real dad to lung cancer in 2000 we were marry 14 years but been togther over 16years. art was only 8 and tina was only 5. he had no insurance miltary not paid anything and i am still paying on his fruneal stuff. i know how it is hard after losing a spouse with young children at home along with no money coming it god bless ya and thanks for the info bethg turley.


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