Friday, December 11, 2009

Advantages of living in Leoti

As you know, the winter storm that hit us on Tuesday is gone but there is still a major mess that needs to be cleaned up. The City crew is still working on Main Street, Broadway and side streets. But there's another group of heros that are diligantly working in town who do not get paid for their work. That's the local farmers who have brought their tractors and loaders into town from their farms and are working diligantly! Their fuel is purchased at their own expense.

These men are helping on streets, roads and opening up private driveways throughout town. A few years ago when Leoti was a winter wonderland for months until Spring arrived, if it had not been for these farmers, many dirt roads in town never would have been opened.

Thank you to all of our heros for your time and your expense! All is MUCH-appreciated!!!


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