Sunday, December 27, 2009

Truck accident south of Leoti

I keep forgetting to post this even though several people have asked me for details!!! Sorry about that!

On Monday or Tuesday, a contract driver who hauls pigs for Seaboard, somehow lost control of his semi while making a turn onto the highway south of Leoti. His truck cab remained upright but the trailer with a bunch of hogs, landed on it's side. The accident caused traffic to make detours of the highway for several hours. The driver was uninjured but because of the accident, all of the pigs had to be euthanized.

During the past year, people in our area have noticed that there are now trucks hauling Seabord trailers that are not white like what we normally associate with Seaboard Foods. The owners of those trucks are not Seaboard employees. They are called contract drivers which means that they are independant business owners who help Seaboard Foods deliver feed and pigs in times when the Seaboard employees have too much to haul at points in time. Not to worry, Seaboard continues to hire their own drivers and have NO intentions of letting their employees go in favor of everything being hauled by contract drivers. I have heard rumors to that effect. Those rumors are TOTALLY FALSE!


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