Friday, December 11, 2009

People in Leoti really need your help right now...

Even though the true meaning of Christmas should not be a stressful time of year, the commercialism of the holiday has really caused much stress for many, MANY people. I just received a phone call from one of my readers. She wanted me to know that there is a family in town who is really feeling ALOT of pressure right now. I am not just talking about money problems that way too many of us are experiencing this year. This family is plagued with health issues, problems with their home's vital systems, etc.

The parents have gone to their 4 children and told them that because of the various problems, no Christmas presents can or will be purchased this year. I am sure that both of their hearts broke when they had to pass this info on to the children. It's impossible for kids not to be excited at the prospect of Santa Claus coming to their homes.

I am asking, correction, I am BEGGING you to join me in gathering whatever we can for this family who does not deserve what is happening at this time. I WILL NOT pass on the family's names, etc. Please don't ask for that information. I do not want any more grief for this family than what they are already dealing with. I WILL tell you that last Summer I told you all about a different family who had fallen on their own tragic times. The current family called me and gave me groceries as well as cash to pass on to the other family. The receiving family was overjoyed with the help that was given! Now, you know that they are not takers. Instead they are givers. They receive no help from the government. Both parents have full-time jobs.

I will only give you a vague bit of information so that no one is apt to discover the family's names. The parents have 4 children. There are three boys between the ages of 4 and 15 and 1 girl who is 5-7-years-old. The boys really enjoy all kinds of sports, car races, cars, trucks, backhoes, etc. The girl really enjoys baby dolls, barbie dolls, etc. All of them enjoy board games.

To protect their identity, I would appreciate it if you could call me at 375-4584 or 376-8922, and we can make arrangements at that time for us to go to your home, etc or you are more than welcome to drop any gifts, food, money, etc at our house. If you need directions to our home, please call me or email me at

You will probably never know how much joy you will bring into the hearts of the children! The love will then radiate into each of the parents' hearts!

I cannot tell those of you out there who have come forward and given wonderful gifts of goods, food, money and other items to our neighbors when they lost their husband and Daddy, just how tremendously proud I am of you!!! Most of the givers didn't even know the family.

If you can, please spread the word about this family's current ordeal and ask those people to contact me if they are in a position where they can help.

Thank you so very, VERY much!!!

Merry Christmas, one and ALL!


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