Friday, December 11, 2009

Bruce and Mitchell Endorf

Even though our latest winter storm moved out over 48 hours ago, the massive clean-up continues. For those of you who do not know, I clean the offices etc. at the Seaboard Mill as well as their downtown offices on Main Street. When I reported to work at their Main Street location on Wednesday evening, I was shocked to see that the whole block with the exception of part of the post office sidewalks were still covered with drifts of slick snow!

With my extremely, medically thinned blood, I must be VERY careful with slick surfaces. Doctors have told me that if I fall, hit my head, chances are that even if I am in an emergency room somewhere at the time, I will DIE!!! Tell you what, those words wake me up! LOL!!!

Anyway, Stan helped me through the snow and then after we finished, back to the car. We had no falls. Thank the good Lord!

Yesterday, Bruce and Mitch Endorf took their Bobcat and handy, dandy snow shovels and cleaned the entire west side of that block! Yes there is still a ridge of snow where the trees and planters are located, but they also cleaned pathways from each business to the curb. I am happy to say that everywhere that they cleaned is DRY! To my knowledge, that is now the safest and driest sidewalk in town! I am sure that if the trees and planters had not taken up so much room, they would have also cleaned that area. Now, people who want to go to the museum, Farm Bureau Office, Seaboard offices, the new Mexican-American store and the Post Office can do it safely!

Thank you, Bruce and Mitch for doing more-than-your-fair-share to keep Leotians safe!!!


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