Tuesday, December 1, 2009


As of today, December 1st, the Wichita County Health Department (not the clinic) is dispensing FREE H1N1 shots or nasal mists to children 18-years-old and younger!!! Leighlyn and Abigayle received the nasal mists. Since Abigayle is not 7-years-old yet, she will return after the first of January for her final nasal mist for H1N1.

Earlier this fall, Wichita County medical professionals received their vaccines. Pregnant women were also given the first batch of vaccine. Now, it is the next group of people, the children's, turn. Once it is believed that all of the children who want to be vaccinated, have been vaccinated, it will be time for the third group which includes anyone from 64-years-of-age on down who suffer with various chronic health conditions. Once those people are vaccinated, the final group, anyone who didn't fall under the previous criteria, can receive vaccinations.

For more information, please call Marvel or Leanne at 620-375-2289.

Thank you!


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