Sunday, December 13, 2009

Private and PERSONAL Lives!

Is anyone else out there getting sick and tired about hearing of Tiger Woods' affairs and the stupid, and I am sure, FALSE, gossip that Brad has just conceived a child with his ex-wife with the consent of his current lover/wife???

Everywhere you look, is information about these two topics of "information".

Both of these men have actually been heroes to our young people. Until now, as far as I know, neither of them had botched up their personal lives. I am NOT by any terms out there a perfect person, therefore, I never can hope to gain that status. Why should any of us expect our famous people to be pure and innocent? They are just as capable of making mistakes as we are. Since I don't want the world to marvel at my shortcomings, I don't believe that we have the right to look theirs' over. I am honestly shocked that we have not seen any articles that put the Pope in a negative light!

I really feel sorry for these individuals' loved ones. How in the world can Tiger and his wife ever hope to work their issues out with all of the media publishing all of the "facts", (yeah, right!)

I cannot solve these issues by myself but if ALL of us quit buying the magazines, etc that include articles on such topics, there would be no salary money to pay the paparazzi who go out, get the pics and stories.

One more of my MANY opinions...


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