Saturday, December 12, 2009

Massive project in Scott City park is completed.

For awhile now, various fundraisiers took place in Scott County to raise the necessary capital to put in an amazing new, for lack of a better word, piece of playground equipment across the street from the Dairy Queen. For months, the only thing that changed in the park was the sign which told passersby just how much more money was needed. Then, one day, we drove by and saw that quite a few people were in the park removing the older playground equipment. When we came back through, all of it was gone. It had been transferred to the park next to the swimming pool.

Then, one day, hoards of people showed up to the park to begin constructing the new equipment. The project was so great that it took several days to complete. Through the construction, CAUTION tape surrounded the new "equipment" so that children did not get hurt. I am happy to say that all is completed now and the yellow tape is in the trash dumpster somewhere!

The new equipment looks like an out-and-out castle to me. A fence surrounds everything. So far, whenever we have been in Scott City, the temperatures have been way too cold to allow our daughters to play on it. We hope that it is warmer when we go through town so that the girls can check it out.

Take a look at it sometime! I've never seen anything like it!!!


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