Sunday, December 27, 2009

Casino in Dodge City

Earlier, I reported that the first and only casino in Western Kansas has opened it's doors in Dodge City. Though I have not had any dealings with this casino, I have visited with others who have. They have told me that the building is gorgeous and that people are literally, standing for hours to get into the doors. One such person said that he waited for over 2 hours before there was ample room in the casino for him to get in. I've also been told that if you want to know when the best time is to get into the casino, is to go on weekday afternoons. Even then, there are ample gamblers.

We drove to Garden City last night which is just an hour from Dodge City. For the first time, we saw the billboard advertising the casino. It was kinda kool! Speaking of billboards, very few still exist in Western Kansas. I do not know the answer to why that is so. But, it's been really neat to see several pop up just to the north of Garden City in the past year!

At this time, costruction has begun on the motel that will be just across the parking lot from the casino.


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