Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Lights in Leoti

Last night, our family drove through Leoti in search of Christmas lights. We found quite a few! If your family is into this sport, you JUST HAVE TO got by the Kyle and Heather Harkness-Leimkuhler residence om the corner of Third and "C" Streets!!! Believe me, you will not be disappointed!

In recent years, they have collected and added more lights, "sculptures", etc in their front yard. This year, they have also converted their backyard into a Winter Wonderland! Heather told me that her parents donated their reindeer to the Leimkuhlers this year. Our daughter was sooo excited when she noticed that rows of candy canes line their front sidewalk from the street to their front door! Each candy cane is holding a string of lights.

My favorite movie of ALL time is Chevy Chase's CHRISTMAS VACATION. The Leimkuhlers have put the Griswalds to shame! Their electric meter has to be spinning rapidly as was the Griswalds but everything at Leimkuhlers is much more tastefully done.

Thank you, Kyle and Heather, for becoming a great tradition in Leoti! Many children throughout town beg their parents to drive around your house! Unfortunately, they beg yearround. Good thing that your yard is perfectly landscaped!

Happy Christmas light hunting!!!


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