Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Have you ever...?

Have you ever just met someone and immediately become the best of friends? You know how you just know right away that you can tell this person anything and EVERYTHING and never have any regrets later? Until today, that has never happened to me. Sure, I love people and love getting to know them but I am really slow about deciding whether or not I really want to let that person "in" to me, etc. I am sure that alot of that comes from being burned once or twice or... Yeah, you get the point.

Earlier today, my daughters and I rushed around doing this and that, delivering Christmas presents around town, eating lunch, etc. I still had MANY more things at home that needed some attention. I planned on giving that attention until my phone rang. Of course, I answered it. The person at the other end asked for Lynn Blau. I hesitantly told that person that I was Lynn. I sooo hoped that this was not another Kansas State Highway Patrolman calling to see if I would please donate this amount of money or that amount of money so that a deserving person from some certain category could attend the next big music event at Dodge City Days. Not that I am disgusted from being asked to help someone less fortunate than myself, but, I just have to wonder if my money REALLY goes to help that person achieve this goal or if my money just padded some big dog's pocketbook. You know what I mean?

Well, this time, it was not someone from the Kansas Highway Patrol. Instead, it was a lovely lady named Chris who had lived in Leoti many moons ago. Though I can remember EXACTLY how she looked back then, I can't ever remember speaking to her or even thinking of being her friend someday. I became "reacquainted" with her several months ago when I began writing my blog. Since then, we have sent several email back and forth to each other. (She now lives in Tuscany! Lucky her!!!) And, lucky me!!! Not too very long ago, chances would not have been good that we would have ever reconnected. Thanks to modern technology and this little thing called the world wide web, we can connect any time that we want to!!!

This special person called me to let me know that she wanted to purchase some Christmas gifts for the three teenagers whom I still needed help with. Quickly, one topic of conversation led to another and then that one led to the next...We talked for about 4 HOURS--non-stop!!! Yes, we have call waiting but even when I knew that other calls were coming in, I kept on talking and let our voice mail take messages for us to answer later. Isn't life GRAND???

Eventually, her cellphone called it quits on our conversation. I wasn't ready for it to come to an end but that is inevitable with anything that is good...

Since then, my whole day has been an intensely special one for me! I am sure that the conversation and the laughs that we shared today will always be a memory that I will never forget and that I will reflect on with great affection.

Chris, thank you so very much for becoming such a special friend to me! I'll look forward to many more conversations with you either from being face to face or typing notes to one another across the mighty ocean. For everyone else out there, I truly hope that you are also blessed with someone as perfect a friend as Chris is to me! And, PLEASE don't forget to tell your friends how much they mean to you!!! If you don't tell them now, you may never get another chance to do so. Life is short and none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.


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