Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Wichita County Schools Superintendant!

As most of us already knew, Dr. James Hardy chose to leave Leoti and take a new job in Eastern Kansas. I had assumed that there would be a long, drawn-out search for his replacement. I was wrong! Instead, I discovered yesterday that the school board has chosen Mr. Keith Higgins for the job. I am sooo happy about their decision! Mr. Higgins has been the principal of the WCJR/SRHS for the past couple of years. He came to Leoti at the same time as Dr. Hardy and has done an exceptional job at the school. I am quite confident that he will do the same at the top of the totem pole. His position as principal will not be vacated as he will continue his duties there also.

Mr. Higgins has a lovely wife named Bev. She is a secretary at the grade school. They purchased a home in Marienthal. The Higgins are empty nesters.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Higgins!!!


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