Friday, August 24, 2012

Prayers are Being Answered

For years, people in Western Kansas have been praying for moisture.  For some, those prayers were answered big time last night.  Parts of Wichita County received a sprinkle while others had more on up to 5 inches.  WOW!!!

More rain is in the forecast for us today.  Please continue to pray!!!

I spoke with a woman from Greeley County one day last week.  Her family raises cattle.  This drought has ruined their pasture land at least for this year.  They don't even know if their Buffalo Grass will be able to come back in.  For quite sometime now, they've been having to haul in expensive cattle feed.  Now they are to the point where they are deciding whether or not to just sell the cattle.  Bad deal.  I'm sure that they are not the only people around here who are making that painful choice today.

In Leoti, we are undergoing a water shortage.  Though outlawing watering for our lawns and gardens has not become a reality, many of us have voluntarily stopped watering.  Just recently, I was told that someone in our state government was talking about our drought.  He was concerned about what we need to do about the whole thing.  He asked people in attendance at his meeting just how much money they are making off of their green lawns and pretty flower gardens that they are watering in town. Hmmm.  Makes you think, doesn't it?   Hearing that, made me more determined than ever that we need to really think about what YOU and WE need to be doing to save what groundwater we still have.  As you know, I love lawns and flower gardens but since our recent move, we are not watering anymore.  We are actively discussing what we need to do to beautify our yard WITHOUT the need of groundwater.  Stan and I are planning on following suit of several other families in Leoti who have trimmed down their grassy areas and brought in rock to take its place.  We are in the market for drought resistant plants also.

Recently, we were in the Manhattan and Kansas City area.  Normally, they receive a good deal of water during the summer.  This year is different though.  Much of their pasture land, etc is dry now too.  We all just need to continue praying for moisture.  Hopefully the drought we've been experiencing over the past several years, will come to an end very soon.


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