Saturday, September 15, 2012

Leoti Vs. Syracuse Football Game

The Leoti Indians traveled to Syracuse yesterday to take on the Bullbogs.  At times, especially the final half, it was a real nail-biting game.  Our team played very well and in the end, succeeded to topple the Bulldogs by a score of 34-28.  YAY!!!

Last night, one of our senior players was seriously injured during the first half.  I do not know many other details.  We hope that he is well and will be able to return to the playing field soon.  That brings something else up that I want to comment on.  You have always heard me talk about how wonderful our local Emergency Service members are.  I would place our EMTs and Firemen at the very top of the heap.  Normally they go into action in just Wichita County.  Last night when our player was injured, we had at least three and maybe four of our prized EMTs run to the field to take care of our fallen player.  They were great!  Our local players and spectators were happy to see these individuals spring into action.  A huge thank you goes out to these individuals!!! 

I cannot tell you how proud I am of our team.  They have played with a very small team this year.  At last week's game against the Stanton County Trojans, we didn't even have substitutes so that the players could take rest periods.  We had two players who were unable to play in both of our last two games because of injuries.  One of those players will return to the line-up next week.  The other player who was injured will have to remain on the sidelines for the rest of this season.  We hope that he will be able to play basketball for most of that season.

Next week, our team will take on Elkhart in Elkhart.  Our next scheduled varsity home game will be Friday, September 28th, when Oakley comes to Leoti to challenge us on homecoming.

Go, Indians!!! 

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