Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thank You, Lord!!!

For many months, Western Kansas has been D-R-Y.  Very little moisture has fallen from our skies.  A lot of our fields have some of the worst crops in recent years.  It only takes a heavy breeze to lift the dirt and blow it across roads and streets.  Because of the current water shortage here, many citizens of Leoti have voluntarily stopped watering our lawns.  Many of our yards are brown now.  Trees and shrubs have died.  As I walk through our yard, dirt flies as my shoes touch Earth.  Never have I seen anything like this here.

Many of our prayers have been answered over the past couple of days.  Rain has fallen over much of Southwest Kansas.  I don't knw how much rain fell in Leoti last night but I can tell you that our streets are wet this morning.  Someone helped himself to our rainguage so I need to buy another one.  According to the morning weather program, we can expect more rain off and on over the next couple of days.

Thank You, Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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