Monday, April 26, 2010

More information on Kansas speeding tickets

As you know, I posted information on the 4 mph plus speeding tickets that have just been initiated in the state of Kansas. The revenue of these tickets will help the state recover from it's financial struggle that is currently causing problems.

I received a lot more information from Wichita County Clerk of the District Court, Janelle Downs, today when she commented in my blog. I find her information to be very interesting and helpful. Please read her quote as she is the one who you will be dealing with if you receive a speeding ticket in Wichita County. Her information will clarify a lot of what is currently being said and done right now.

"The law has always been if you are driving 1 mile over the limit, you can be ticketed. We have been spoiled, in a way, because most officers have not stopped drivers even if they are going sometimes 10 mph over. Now, it sounds like they are enforcing the law to the exact degree. So, sorry drivers, but...that is the law! Why do we expect favors? Also, the court costs alone now are $93.50. That does NOT include the fine. If you are caught driving up to 10 mph over the speed limit or less, your fine will be $30.00 on top of these costs." Janelle Downs

On a personal note, I sincerely hope that the sheriff's department will be giving tickets to people driving on Leoti's side streets also! Here in our neighborhood, it is "normal" to see people driving 30 or 40 mph or even higher speeds and the posted speed is 20!!! We have many children and older people who live in this neighborhood. They don't stand a chance of survival if these dim-wits would hit them with a vehicle!!!

Thank you, Janelle, for your wonderful and enlightening addition to this situation!!!


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