Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A not-so-dandy idea

I am trying to get all of my spring cleaning done. There is so much to do! I want and NEED to clean out closets, dressers and chest of drawers. Fortunately, when we re-did our kitchen, I cleaned out all of the drawers and cabinets in there at the time! I also need to clean the inside AND the outside of all of the windows. Problem is that I need to find someone who is capable and WANTS to climb the ladder to reach the outside ones. Even before I went on blood thinners, I never tackled that endeavor because I have always had the fear of FALLING! LOL!!!

But late last week, I got out my bleach, bucket, water, and scrub brush so that I could really get down person to floor to clean our kitchen floor. Great idea except for the fact, that I had forgotten that I had thrown away my kitchen gloves. Oh, I decided that I didn't need them anyway. So, I proceeded to scrub away. As Leighlyn puts it, "the things that I do for our house..."

As I scrubbed, pain appeared, but not in my knees, instead it was in my fingers. Then...my asthma worsened. All due to the wonder cleanser--chlorine bleach. Fortunately, it didn't take much longer for me to finish the floor. I was able to rinse it by just using a mop. No more damage to my hands!!! The burning continued well into the night. The next morning, little scabs had taken the place of the red burns. Almost a week later, the scabs are starting to disappear.

So, my advice to you is NOT to use bleach in that heavy of a concentration unless mops or GLOVES are being used...


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