Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First comment on "SHOCKED"

I received a very interesting comment via email from one of my ex-classmates. I am not going to mention her name but I will tell you that her 47-48-year-old soul retains a great deal of wisdom. She has given me permission to write a couple of her insights here for all to read. I must say that I COMPLETELY agree with everything that she wrote today.

First of all, like me, she has gotten to know quite a few gay people herself. Given the fact that she lives in a major city where anything and everything and everyone happens, she has seen and heard alot about this subject. Therefore, she has had plenty of opportunities to ponder what is right and what is wrong.

She is like me in regards to our opinions that gay people did not ask God to make them gay. Being "different" isn't all that it is cracked up to be. Sexual preferences are one of the toughest things to deal with. Even in 2010, people are still being beaten and even killed for no other reason than the fact that they were gay. Many ignorant people choose to believe that if there were no gays and bi-sexuals, there would be no AIDS. Come on, people.... There have been schools, restaurants, bars and even churches that refused gays at the front, the side and the back doors. It is sooo sad to say this, but everyday, gays are cast out from their families and friendships as soon as people find out that they are not straight arrows. I can never imagine myself EVER being cold and hard enough to do that to my family but I know that it happens. (I always brag on my family but I have been cast out by one or two relatives because I am not quite up to snuff with their expectations. Thus, I can understand how painful this can be.) So, when you know that your "coming-out" is not going to be a pleasurable experience, why would you every CHOOSE to be gay??? No, I definitely do not believe that we have any control over whether we are tall, short, black, white, gay or straight.

Something else that she said is something that my mom repeats over and over whenever it is needing to be said. "Love the sinner. Hate the sin."

If it was a perfect world, no one would be fat, unhealthily thin, ugly, black, brown, red, yellow, white, blind, deaf, sick, gay or straight. We would all like the same things, read the same books would probably not be that interesting. God didn't want us to be made from the same cookie cutters. He made us all to be individuals and to find our own way in life. One thing that he wants us to do is to accept one another and love abundantly.

Thanks for the comment!!!


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