Thursday, April 15, 2010


As I reported yesterday, rain had fallen in Wichita County on Tuesday night. I still haven't heard about how much we received but it was nothing in comparison to the storm that went through here yesterday. It POURED late Wednesday afternoon in Wichita and Scott Counties. Both counties experienced amall hail and wind for about 5 minutes with the earlier storm. Around 9:00, rain resumed in this area.

We delivered Abigayle's birthday party invitations between the two storms last night. We had no problem finding tree branches that the winds from Tuesday had blown from the trees. The most beautiful thing that we saw though, was all of the gorgeous flowering trees. I don't know if I have ever seen the yards and trees in Leoti look so beautiful!

Several years ago during the time when MAJOR interior renovations were being done at the nursing home here, outdoor landscaping was also done. Today, beautiful trees and shrubs are bursting with new leaves and flowers of about every different color in the rainbow! If you're out and about, run by there and take a look.

Here at home, our lilacs are just about ready to open up to expose their purple greatness and fresh heavy scent. After the first storm, we took a tour of our flower gardens. I think that this is the best that they have ever been at this stage of the game. I am anxious to plant the daylillies that Grandma just gave us! It might be awhile now because everything seems to be pretty muddy in the great outdoors today!

Yesterday morning, at least one school bus was stuck in the mud on the way to school. I'd guess that there is an even better chance of that happening today!

Anyway, get out, take a ride and be dazzled by the new colors!


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  1. It rained and hailed in Scott for more than 5 min. It rained hard off and on all day and hailed a few different times.


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