Monday, April 19, 2010

Update on Chris and Peter

Just got a note from Chris and Peter tonight. As you know, they have been doing humanitarian work in Africa again. Right now, they are taking a break for a couple of days in Cairo, Egypt. Their trip has been extremely hot, dirty and saddening. Then, they will be on to the Congo.

Their humanitarian efforts have not just been centered in Africa. Once they received the news of the mess in Europe in the aftermath of Iceland's volcano eruptions last week, they instructed their personal pilots to fly their plane to Rome and ferry people who have been stuck in Northern Europe back to the United States. The people first had to be able to catch trains to Rome. Their plane is solidly booked until Saturday. If Leif has not been able to get out of Europe by Saturday, they want us to let them know so that they can make arrangements to get him back home.

Please keep Chris and Peter in your thoughts and prayers.


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