Monday, April 12, 2010

Have allergies? Asthma?

Health authorities are warning people that people in Kansas should be prepared for worse allergies and asthma in many years. One man in Garden City is so sick with his allergy symptoms right now, that he is actually having to get THREE steroid shots every day. Can you imagine???

Dust and pollens play a major part in allergies that many of us have. I just saw on TV what one little thing that we can do that can help us out in a BIG way. All we have to do is buy some simple, everyday cheesecloth. Pull our heater/air conditioner duct covers off. Lay a layer of cheesecloth just under the part that sits on the floor or over the ceilings whichever is the case in your home and/or office. That way, more dust, pollens, etc are kept out of the air that we breathe. (Who knows? Maybe less furniture dusting will be necessary!)

Replace these cheesecloth protectors whenever you think is necessary.


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