Monday, April 26, 2010

Courthouse correction

Last week, I wrote of one of the ways that the State of Kansas Legislature is trying to save money because of the fact that Kansas is financially broke. A person who is directly involved with this issue wrote me to give a much better and more accurate description of who all is involved. Here is her quote:

"COUNTY courthouse employees are NOT under the hiring freeze. Since the State judicial system has enacted the furloughs, only STATE courthouse employees are affected--thus, being the District Court workers. Those people will be required to close on four Fridays and do not receive pay for those days. They have been under a hiring freeze for over a year. If someone quits a position, that desk remains empty and the other employees have to pick up the slack. This has been a real stress in the bigger courts."

Anyway, thank you, J, for your clarification on this matter! I greatly appreciate it!!!

Sorry for reporting incorrectly on this important issue that is affecting MANY employees and workloads in the state of Kansas.


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