Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Christ Covenant Church

We are so VERY fortunate to have such an outstanding duo of ministers at our church! They are able to reach everyone in our congregation in one way or another. Youth Minister Kevin Larson is the best there has ever been for kids! He has done amazing things for the Wichita County kids since he has been here! The kids from 6th grade through 12th grade can hardly wait to get to his GAP Meeting every Wednesday evening!

Sunday, Pastor Bob talked to the congregation about getting to Heaven. Too many people are attempting to look over everything else and have their eyes fixed only on the prize--Heaven. Pastor Bob clarified all of this for us. Yes, Heaven is the prize, but we are supposed to do God's work every day from today until the Lord calls us upwards to join him. There is so much that needs to be done that we will never run out of chores to do throughout our entire lifetime!!! You just have to take a short look around to find something else that we can and should be doing. And, as he pointed out, we literally have no idea at how much some of the things that we have said to someone have meant to him/her. Some of those things may lead that person to the Lord.

Thank you sooo much, Pastor Bob and Kevin, for all of the tremendous work that you have already done and all that you will be doing from now on! Wichita County is so very, VERY fortunate to have you here!!!

By the way, church services start every Sunday morning at 9:30. Sunday School begins at about 11:00. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND!!! We'd love to have you there!!!


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