Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Awards Ceremony

For all interested, a mini awards assembly will be held at this Friday, February 26th, high school basketball game in Leoti.

Several years ago, the federal government introduced its No Child Left Behind program to schools. SRA Tests and tests like them have been dropped and state tests have taken their place.

Before, the tests showed how well or how not-so-well, whichever the case, each student had learned the year before. Now these tests are much tougher and have greater impact than ever before. Base levels are set up. No one is to score below the bottom level. Then certain percentages of the higher scoring students are set. If the school does not meet the state's high standards, sanctions are put into place. State moneies can be deducted for the following year. And eventually, local teachers and administrators can be taken out of the school and state teachers brought in. Not a good thing. In Wichita County's case, the schools have done VERY well and succeeded above the base level.

The students who had outstanding scores are then given awards. Until now, those awards were presented at the end-of-the-year award assemblies at each school along with music, sports, citizenship awards, etc. Now, those state dictated tests award winners will be honored at Friday's basketball game. I think that that is just grand!!! These kids deserve a pat on the back for what they have done! These tests are anything but simple. (On a personal note, our 6th grade daughter will be one of the honorees!!!) These awards are not given until third grade.

Hopefully, you can come to the game and show your appreciation for these winners!


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