Monday, February 22, 2010


Late in the day on Saturday, we began receiving freezing drizzle here. What ice we received is nothing compared to ice storms that we have had in the past. I doubt if anyone lost electricity. At some point, snow began falling. It continued to fall off and on on Sunday, last night and still is this morning. I'd say that we have received 3 or 4 inches since it begain on Saturday. There has been very little wind with this storm so it is staying put where it falls.

As you can imagine, the real issue here is the fact that there is ice underneath the wet snow which is making roads and streets very slippery and dangerous. My husband drives a semi for Seaboard Foods here. He called this morning and told me that even the country roads are bad. He drove past a car on Double C Road that has wrecked and is lying on it's side.

If you feel that you must be on the roads today, PLEASE be careful! Originally, I was to take my mom to a doctor's appointment in Hays this afternoon. We are postponing that until later.


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