Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Looking for a cuddly Valentine's Day gift???

Ken and Sue Schwindt have a couple of beautiful and adorable kittens to give to good homes. One is a gorgeous white kitten. The other is a BEAUTIFUL calico. I do not know what sex the white cat is but calicos are usually female.

Irregardless of the sex, our community animal care society in Leoti offers monthly clinics. To neuter a male costs you $20.00. Spaying of females is only $25.00 Both are real bargains! It is very easy to keep cats at home after they have been neutered. The fertile ones usually like to roam around town...

I cannot tell you whether or not the kittens are litter box-trained. I've never had any problems training kittens and cats. They are very smart and learn quickly.

If you are interested in these kittens, please call Ken and Sue at 375-2874.

Thank you!!!


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