Saturday, February 27, 2010

OUCH!!! That really hurt!

I already wrote that I was really looking forward to going to tour the Washington-Ames House yesterday. What I did not write was what happened to me as soon as we got there...

Before I left home yesterday afternoon, our Brutus, a mixed-breed dog who is really not all that big, about 2-2 1/2 feet tall, same length and a brain that must not be any larger than a peanut, jumped into our van with me. What makes him so enduring to us is that his heart must fill up his entire interior. He is just a real sweetheart!!!

Since he asks so very little of us, I just couldn't ask him to get out of the van, so he got to go for HIS idea of a thrilling car ride!

Of course, when I got to Seaboard to clean, he remained in the van. About a half an hour after I arrived, our daughters walked from school and met me there. Abigayle took her book bag to the van. I had never thought to tell her that Brutus was in there. As soon as he saw one of his favorite people, HER, he exited the vehicle and was ready for play!!! Of course, Abi knew that this was not the perfect scene for fun and games so she did everything that she could think of to coax him back into the van. Nothin' doin'. He was already out and that was where he was gonna stay!!!

Fortunately, he stayed right there until we were ready to leave. As soon as I opened the van door, he jumped right in. From there, we went to the Big House in Leoti. As I was getting out of the van, he decided that he would also. I had to tell him to stay put. At the same time, I gathered speed so that I could hurriedly get the door closed. That was my downfall...

It seems that though the rest of my body had really sped up, my right hand had not gotten the message that my brain had sent out to every other portion of my body. Yeah, you got it, The door met the rest of the van with my poor middle finger on my right hand wedged between the two VERY HEAVY pieces. Oh, my God! I just knew that my poor finger would never be normal as before! As soon as I was able to open the door and retrieve my poor little finger, I discovered that when I instructed it to bend, it wouldn't. It just stayed straight out in front of me and shook with pain and shock. It had received a fairly deep cut just above my large knuckle.

I cried out to Stan that my finger was broken. I say 'cried' but no tears appeared on my cheeks. Stan came right over and tried to maneuver my finger manually to make it bend. Why in the world did he do that??? The poor thing was already in a state of extreme pain and shock!!! LOL!!! I and my finger managed to survive.

Stan told Karen that he thought that he better take me to the hospital and have it checked. I was COMPLETELY against that idea!!! Afterall, the poor EMTs had just transported me to the emergency room once this week only to find out that I had a bad case of the common, everyday FLU! No, I thought that I would just tough this one out.

So, we went on our tour of the house that I just adored!!! It took most of my mind off of the aching finger. Ya' know, it is actually hard to believe that someone as big as me could still notice the pain in such a little tiny portion of my body...Go figure!

Eventually, most of the pain in my finger went away. The cut is still in place along with two bruises. One little one next to the cut and another one on the left side of my finger. What I don't understand is why the injury there has caused my arm to ache clear up past my elbow and into the flabby part of the arm... Oh, well. At least my finger is still connected to the rest of my body and it once again bends whenever my little brain tells it to!

And, as for Brutus, he is going to be spending more time at home than he had originally expected... LOL!!!


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