Monday, February 15, 2010

Garden Tips from the Garden Club of Home Depot

I just received these tips that we can do right now to ready our gardens for Spring!

1. Start pruning FRUIT trees now. Cut the dead branches and remove the sprouts from the trunk, then thin the canopy by removing crossed or crowded limbs.

2. Begin seeds INDOORS. Slow growing plants such as onions, leeks, impatiens and pansies take months to reach transplant size, so it is important to start them now.

3. Plant tuberous begonias and dahlias inside. Use potting mix and containers with drainage holes. To avoid rot, keep soil moist but NOT WET. Move the container outside when weather is warm.

4. Scatter quick-germinating COLD RESISTANT flower seeds such as larkspur, nigella, cleome, cosmos and poppies onto your garden so they'll bloom in spring.

5. Plan your upcoming landscaping projects. Decide what you would like to add to your garden in spring, such as a fire pit, arbor or fountain, then get the tools and materials you need at Home Depot.

Tips courtesy of Home Depot's Garden Club.


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