Monday, February 22, 2010

Comparison ticket "shopping"

All of you out there know that I simply adore the theatre in Tribune! Even before it's renovations were done, it was the favorite theatre for many of us including me. Since it's remodeling, it stands in a class all of its own! Gorgeous!

Today, small town movie theatres are having to really struggle to "keep us" as customers because of the availibility of the bigger theatres in larger towns. Some just cannot handle the strain and end up having to close their doors for good. Thanks to the many kind people in Greeley County, they have gone above and beyond to keep their historic movie house up and going!

Whenever I write my synopsis, etc of what is going to be playing in Tribune from week to week, I always include their ticket prices which I just cannot hardly believe anyone can outdo. Today, I took it one step farther and called the theatre in Garden City just to see what they are charging for their moviegoers. This is what I found out:

Adults pay $6.75 and children from 3-11 pay $5.50 for all evening movies. Plus, if you are going to be watching a 3-D movie, an extra $2.00 is tacked on per ticket! Prices are abit more reasonable if you go to an afternoon mattinee movie. Then, adults pay $5.50. Irregardless, the tickets are still cheaper in Tribune.

Most of us who enjoy going to the movies end up buying refreshments. In Tribune, the prices are excellent. Not so, at the big movie theatres. Expect to pay a large amount of money for just a box of popcorn and a coke in the city theatres.

Besides the ambiance that we get to enjoy at the Star Theatre, we know that our children are safe when they are there. Not necessarily the case in the bigger towns. Plus, armed police are at the theatre in GC during all movies now. It has been years since I have seen a show there but I have been told that the police have to go into each mini theatre, circulate around to make sure that no one is doing anything that they are not supposed to be doing. Mercy! It really scares me that times have come to do that in the bigger towns.

Come on out and enjoy a movie in Tribune!!!


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