Thursday, February 11, 2010

Partial history of Valentine's Day

Many, many years ago, on one day out of every year, mass ceremonies were held. Animals were brought into the center of towns where they were beaten and killed. The pieces of their bodies were taken and used as whips to beat the young women of the community. The animal blood was thrown on the women also. This horrid activity was believed to assure that the women would be fertile so that the human race could continue...

Many years ago, an emperor in Rome made love and marriage "illegal" so that his soldiers did not pine away for their lovers at home while they were at war with other countries. The emperor believed that this would cause the soldiers to be stronger and mightier. Saint Valentine, who had married many couples, took public offense at the new law. The emperor was angered and ordered his soldiers to arrest the saint and hold him in jail until the day when he would be punished with an un-natural death.

While he was in jail, many of the people whom he had married in his past would secretly visit him and support him in his beliefs that marriage SHOULD BE LEGALIZED once again.

During his prison stay, he met and fell in love with the daughter of the jailer. The night before his execution, he took a slip of paper and wrote of his undying love for her and passed it to her. Thus, the first valentine was written.

Happy Valentines Day!!!


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