Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear 'An anonymous group of Leotians'

Before I begin, I am NOT refering to the people who have made comments to me about the local eating establishments, etc. I have absolutely NO problem with you not stating your name when you address me. I am refering to the person (people) who have sent the most hateful email to a VERY dear friend of mine, C. You know who I am talking about. I cannot begin to tell you how angry I am that someone would even think, let alone actually write that trashy email to him/her!

For your information, the person who I am discussing right now, has and DOES help Leotians in many ways!!! For instance, when three teenagers faced a Christmas with NO gifts, he/she intervened and sent hundreds after hundreds of dollars worth of top fashion clothes that were delivered to me in two VERY LARGE boxes from Federal Express!!! I then took them to the kids who thoroughly accepted them with great excitement!!!

I have to say that whoever you are, I find you to be very jealous COWARDS!!! Personally, if I feel strongly about a certain situation, I am gutsy enough to include my name. I have raised my son and two daughters to be proud when they display their opinions and to include their names if writing their opinions on paper. Of course, if they are voicing how they feel, the person knows exactly how they feel.

I included his/her information in my blog because I find it to be extremely important and because I am proud of his/her accomplishments in the work that he/she does. Do you go out of your way to help your fellow man??? Not many do the kind of work that this person does!!! This person's life is actually put in harm's way. When was the last time that you did that??? Huh? When???

As you know, this person comes from a very kind and respected area family who has been well-loved for many a year. He/She is not only following in her ancestors' footsteps, he/she is overflowing them. I am quite sure that his/her people are quite happy and proud of him/her!

If for some reason, you do not care for or like someone, PLEASE keep your opinions to yourself instead of lashing out at someone else. Didn't your parents teach you the fine art of treating others the same way that you want to be treated???

I am so embarrassed for YOU!!!!!!! I am disgusted with myself for giving you the fabric in which you took and insulted someone as special as C!!!


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