Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hunter Dane Carson

Ever since I started writing my blog over a year ago now, you have been forced to read my writings on my "outstanding" nephews, daughters, son and daughter-in-law! My eldest nephew is Hunter, Lona Sue and Rob's son. He is now 16-years-old and lives in Garden City. Hunter is a Junior in high school.

Ever since he was practically a baby, he has been very interested in doing something in the human service area as an adult career. His Uncle Leif is one of the volunteer firemen for the Wichita County Fire and EMS Department in Leoti. Since Hunter (and the rest of Leif's nieces and nephew) adore him, Hunter thought that working in the emergency scheme of things just might be a realm that he would really enjoy. So this year, when he had the opportunity to take various classes on Emergency Medical Services was made available to him, he jumped on it! After Hunter had spent so many hours in the classroom, he was allowed to join licensed EMTs in Finney County to see just how everything goes together in real life. Hunter has found this professional career to be the one that he will more-than-likely pursue for his livelihood. Hunter thoroughly enjoys being able to help and serve others!

He was given such things as professional rubber gloves to wear in emergency situations to protect himself as well as the patients whom he may be caring for. He was advised to carry them with him at all times just in case.

Well, "just-in-case" cropped up on him yesterday when he was doing some shopping in a store in Garden City. A customer had passed out for some reason. Hunter was nearby and was able to stay with the customer until the ambulance crew arrived to take over.

We are so very proud of Hunter and everything that he has already accomplished in his short life so far! How many teenagers do most of us know who are so willing to give of themselves to others, many of whom are total strangers, to help???


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