Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Read Week at RBSES

As I mentioned last night, Read Week is observed from November 29th to December 3rd this year. Here is the schedule of events for this week at RBSES:

Monday: The kids were to wear their school colors. A pep rally was held in the morning to get enthusiasm up for reading this week. The students also received plastic water bottles with lids that they can use on Friday. Each bottle said "Reading Rocks!".

Tuesday: "Open a Good Book Day" The classes will drop whatever they are doing and read two times during the day.

Wednesday: Classes will read to each other. For example, the 2nd graders will be reading to the 6th graders.

Thursday: Kids are urged to wear comfortable clothes to school such as pajamas, sweats, wind suits, etc.

Friday: "Select a Good Book Day" Every student will receive a new book!!! (I think that you would be surprised at what a thrill this is for so many kids who are not able to purchase books at school.) This is also "Read-In". The students are to bring a blanket, pillow, a drink with a lid and 2 snacks to enjoy while they are reading. The kids will get to read most of the day.


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