Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Lovely Day

Leighlyn and Abigayle will be in their school's Christmas programs right away. Both girls needed new outfits to wear for them. They are constantly growing. Therefore, things from yesterday no longer work for tomorrow! LOL! Since there was no school yesterday, we decided to head to Garden City and take advantage of Black Friday sales. We were just thrilled when Lona Sue joined us!!!

After touring several stores and had failed to find just "the perfect dress" for Leighlyn, Lona Sue and Abigayle found it in Maurices. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! We snapped it right up! From there, we went to Target where we found the gorgeous ballet clothes that Abi needs for her solo part at the RBSES program. Boy, Lona Sue definitely knows what is in fashion and what to do to dress outfits up even more!!! Hmmm, she didn't get that from me!!! I might know how to dress up a house but when it comes to dressing up people, I know N--O--T--H--I--N--G!!! Hopefully, my daughters will learn much from their Aunt Sue Sue!!!

After we finished buying clothes, tights, dress shoes, we asked Lona Sue and Hunter to join us for dinner in Garden City. We chose a Mexican restaurant that was packed. It took us over 30 minutes of standing in line before we were seated. Once at our table, it was an hour before we received our meal! Fortunately, our waiter kept us well-supplied with chips and dip!

We all enjoyed a great day!!! I am confident that it will be one of those days that will remain in our memories for many years to come...


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