Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Blau Family Thanksgiving

We had an exceptionally wonderful Thanksgiving, other than the fact that Stan was unable to be with us. (Unfortunately, pigs think that they need to be fed on holidays just as we do. LOL!) He was able to be with us late in the afternoon!

We hosted the get-together at our home this year. Our guests included Grandma, Neva Kiefer-Duncan, Mama, Donna Lou Pepper-Elder, Leif, Lori and Lars, Lona Sue and Hunter, Adam, Mel, Leighlyn, Abigayle, a friend, Dean, of Leoti and myself.

As usual, God blessed us with a beautiful bounty of food for all to share. Most importantly was the lovely companionship! So much love and joy was shared!!! At times like this, we always remember the folks out there who are unable to spend such wonderful time with their family and friends because of national military service, jobs, long distances, etc. We also wish that all could enjoy the abundance of laughter and humor that almost always surrounds our family.

On Wednesday, I suggested that people start a Thanksgiving Family Tablecloth to be used every year at Thanksgiving and passed down from year to year throughout the generations. The girls and I purchased a beautiful shade of cream fabric cloth that came with cut-outs of pumpkins, squashes, leaves, etc that was especially made for Thanksgiving. We also bought three permanent magic markers, black, blue and red. As the people began filing in, each chose the color of marker they preferred and went to writing what they were thankful for this year. Once everyone had gathered at the dining room table, each person read what he or she had written. It was great! Everyone respected the thought and so it was discovered that this cloth will be used over and over for Thanksgiving.

That evening, everyone returned to their individual homes. We are all looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas when we will all gather again and start everything all over! Unfortunately, Adam and Mel will be unable to join us this year as they will be going to Texas to spend time with Mel's family. Of course, we totally understand their need and want to do this. So, the week after Christmas, we will enjoy another Christmas with them at our house!!!


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