Monday, August 1, 2011

One Way Street in Leoti

School begins in just a couple of weeks here. For the first time ever, the county's elementary school is located just across the street from the junior/senior high school. Back when the voters were considering whether or not to build a new grade school next to the high school, many of us were concerned about the traffic on the street in between the schools. It was determined that that street would become a one-way street. I, for one, am VERY happy with this decision!!! You should know that this one-way street does not go into operation the first day of school. It is already marked as one way and the Wichita County Sheriff's Department can issue tickets anytime any vehicle is traveling in the wrong direction. Vehicles have already been stopped there for going the wrong direction.

Also, the speed limit there is 15 mph.

You may have also noticed that the stop signs are now gone between Mel's and the RBSES.

Just thought that you might want to know...


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